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GAME OF THRONES Fan Creates an Impressive 3D Version of the Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games publishes board games, card games, miniatures – all the coolest things for several franchises. Their catalog includes an intense A Game of Thrones board game, and though I’ve never played, I’ve watched friends nearly reenact some of the series’ more gruesome scenes while trying to take the Iron Throne. (Editor’s Note: The game is seriously fantastic. Play it at your earliest convenience.) As cool as the game is, Aaron Jenkins leveled it up by making a massive 3D version. It’s pretty enough to glue together and hang on a wall.

Custom GoT game 2

Jenkins asked permission from Fantasy Flight Games before getting an enlarged version of their game board printed. Then he poured over 150 hours into building his version of the game. He built up the map areas of the game board with layers of poster board and added terrain so that it looks like a topographic map. The idea was that he wanted the map to look “life like from a raven’s view.” He sculpted and cast pieces to represent the castles and ships and painted miniatures by hand. The more realistic touches look like they would enhance gameplay, and his 3 feet by 5 feet version certainly leaves more room on the game board for players to maneuver.

He took the 3D game to Gen Con – a gaming convention in Indianapolis – earlier this month and ran sessions to battle-test the board. The sessions were well attended, and Jenkins plans to run three games per day at the convention in 2015.

See all the game’s details in our photo gallery:

You can read more about the construction of the board at Aaron Jenkins’ blog.

Would you borrow gold from the Iron Bank of Braavos to buy or make a 3D Game of Thrones board like this? Let us know in the comments.

[HT: Polygon]

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  1. Derek Read says:

    Readers of this article may also be interested in this 3d recreation of Cyvasse. No true need for a 3d printer (get creative and recreate the pieces in cardboard) it’s the research into the rules that really makes the game.

  2. Gamer13 says:

    I had the privilege of playing on this board at GC as well.  The detail was incredible.  Very solid design.  The “rai” guy who said it looks pre-fabricated is completely wrong. 

  3. Ferret96 says:

    I played this event at GenCon.  This is a very cool board and is just as impressive as real life.  It is also very well made, with all the pieces feeling very solid.  The guy who built it is very humble about it as well.  
    I lost to the Tyrell player… Martel wasn’t on the board and he just rolled over the neutral territory. Boo.  

  4. Rai says:

    Alot of that looks prefabricated… It’s not that detailed honestly. >_>

  5. Leland Ford says:

    Someone needs to get ahold of Wil Wheaton ASAP!!!  This dude needs to be on an episode of Tabletop!!!