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GAME OF THRONES’ Emilia Clarke to Play Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR Reboot

Hasta la Valyria, baby! After weeks of internet rumor-mongering and jokes at the expense of its subtitle, Terminator: Genesis has found its Sarah Connor in Westeros’ baddest of asses, Emilia Clarke. The reboot will re-team Clarke with director Alan Taylor with whom she had worked previously on several episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, including “Blackwater”, “Valar Morghulis”, and “Fire and Blood.”

Clarke could also be joined by another Clarke on-screen, as Zero Dark Thirty‘s Jason Clarke is currently in negotiations to play her son John Connor in a storyline that is rumored to take her on a trip to the future. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also confirmed to be returning to his iconic role too.

After a pitched battle, the highly sought after role came down to Clarke and Short Term 12‘s Brie Larson. Much like the Unsullied slaves of Astapor, Clarke took what was hers by right and ultimately nabbed the part. Having proven herself to be a badass leading lady on Game of Thrones, Clarke is an interesting but not unexpected choice to succeed Linda Hamilton as one of the most iconic on-screen heroines ever. Here’s hoping that Cyberdyne Systems has invented a breed of mechanical dragons to terrorize the last vestiges of humanity in the future because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to see that?

It’s also worth noting that it’s unclear whether Clarke will be attached to the proposed Terminator television series as well, but she is definitely a lock for the film. What do you think of Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter before it becomes sentient.

[HT: Deadline]

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  1. satori says:

    I loved the Sarah Connor Chronicles, so this feels a little wrong, but I’m looking forward to this either way. I kind of hope Brie Larson makes her way into this as well.

  2. Jonathan Flax says:

    Emilia should be an interesting choice given her background as an actress. Can’t wait.

  3. David says:

    So now we’ve got TWO Sarah Connor’s on Game of Thrones. Perhaps Lena Headey can give Emilia Clarke tips on playing the character. David Benioff should hire Linda Hamilton to play Lady Dustin for Season 5…

  4. Kensie says:

    Hardwick, you’ve got to get her on the Podcast. Maybe she can shed some light on Arnold’s storyline. Hopefully we’ll finally get to see the Origin of the T101!!

  5. Kensie says:

    Hardwick, you’ve got to get her on the podcast. Hopefully she can shed some light on the highly anticipated movie. For instance, how the hell are the going to use Arnold?? … Are we finally going to see the origin of the T101??

  6. Kensie says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!

  7. Kristoffer says:

    brie larson would have been a good in the role i think. hopefully KHALEEESI can do it.

  8. Zeemod says:

    So it’s a reboot? It still feels a bit too soon for a reboot on a series that’s last movie in the franchise was four years ago. Since Salvation ended on such a bad note are they that desperate to get people to care about The Terminator again?

  9. Hollzama says:

    I hold Terminator 2 very close to my child heart. I think I approve this message and choice (so glad they didn’t get Brie Larson, really? The same as Scott Pilgrim’s evel ex? She wouldn’t fit at all imo). I think Khaleesi will do well, just hope she can be as awesome but still different than Daenarys.