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GAME OF THRONES: Breaking Down Everything That Happened In ‘Eastwatch’

It seems like every week on Game of Thrones there’s so much to unpack that it might take more than your average host and pair of guests that make up the typical Nerdist News Talks Back episode. No, sometimes you need twice the guests, almost double the run time, and 400% more electric candles. It’s a little something we like to call Nerdist News Talks Back: All Kings Considered Edition, which happens every Monday during the Thrones season at 1 pm PST on Nerdist’s YouTube and Alpha.

This week, host Jessica Chobot led a discussion about season 7, episode 5, “Eastwatch.” To do it, she needed a crack team of warriors, and the Gendry, Jorah, Tormund, and the Hound to her Jon Snow this week were Nerdist’s managing editor Alicia Lutes, Mothership writer Amy Vorpahl, Nerdist producer Jason Nguyen, and yours truly, Nerdist’s associate editor Kyle Anderson.

First up this week was the major reveal (though relayed to the audience in a pretty hilarious way) that Rhaegar Targaryen actually had his marriage to Ellia Martell annulled by the head maester way back when and was promptly remarried to someone else. Now if you’ve been paying attention, that someone else is Rhaegar’s one true love, Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister who was betrothed to Robert Baratheon. R+L is what led to Robert’s Rebellion and the overthrow of the Mad King in the first place, but it also means that Jon Snow–long suspected by fans of being the lovechild of Rhaegar and Lyanna–is in fact their lawful, legitimate son. Meaning the Bastard isn’t a bastard after all, but a true heir to Rhaegar’s claim for the Iron Throne. WHOA!

For more on this revelation, check out Monday’s episode of Nerdist News, and this hefty breakdown right here.

Dany’s got a lot going on this week too. From burning the Tarly line to ashes in front of a small squadron of Lannister soldiers, to making googly eyes at Jon Snow (who’s all Dragon-petty), to reuniting with Ser Jorah Friendzone, the Breaker of Chains was the main focus of a lot of this episode, because let’s face it, she’s got a very good chance of being just like Cersei, and just like her father, the aforementioned Crazy Monarch. We get all up on the idea that maybe Dany’s gone too far, but also might totally want to smooch her (surprise) nephew.

And let’s talk about Cersei! She was not pleased at her brother/lover Jaime for having a secret meeting with Tyrion about a possible armistice regarding White Walkers. She has no interest in White Walkers, of course, but she knows that she’ll be hella defeated by Dany and her dragons and Dothraki. So Cersei decides to play the smart game and agree to meet. She ALSO reveals to Jaime that she’s pregnant and will claim him as the father, even though gross. Was this all just a ploy to get Jaime back fully on her side, or is she actually with child? (I’m willing to bet the former, but other panelists disagree with me.)

Sound the horns because Gendry’s back! We had been talking about the possible return of Gendry–the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, set adrift following his freeing by Davos back in season three–since, well, season three. And “Eastwatch” gave us his return, showed us his acumen with a war hammer, charmed us with his meeting with Jon Snow, and made him a part of what we’re calling the “Snow-icide Squad.” Gendry may in fact be the character Alicia’s been most excited about, and she didn’t hide her glee at all.

That’s merely the tip of the iceberg this week, so watch the full episode above for our hot takes on everything from how Jaime and Bronn swam so fast with all that armor, to Jorah’s possible Greyscale Wight cure, to Chobot’s new theory that Bran Stark might indeed be every Bran Stark in history, and that he might also be–DUN DUN DUN!–the Night King himself!!! What in the whole wide Westeros could that mean?

And for more Game of Thrones, check out Alicia’s full recap of “Eastwatch,” Mikey Walsh’s take on the Rhaegar reveal, Amy Ratcliffe’s take on why Davos was the episode’s MVP, and a video detailing the history of Robert’s Rebellion, and be sure to watch Nerdist News Talks Back every weekday at 1pm PT on Nerdist’s YouTube and Alpha!

Images: HBO

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Twitter!

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