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GAME OF THRONES Drawings Send the Cast to BOB’S BURGERS

If George RR Martin wrote an episode of Bob’s Burgers it would probably be 20 very detailed minutes of people eating cheeseburgers as the juices and cheese ran down their chins and into their beards. Actually, I shouldn’t give him any ideas (please finish the books Mr. Martin thanks!), but now we know how the world of Westeros might look if it took place in the burger restaurant of the Belchers.

Imgur user CarlosDanger101 (insert dancing John Oliver here) has drawn the characters of Game of Thrones in the style of the Fox cartoon and they look like they are ready to order the Burger of the Day.


As wonderful as these are, one thing you notice is that beauty does not translate as well in this form as it does for the real-life people. Cersei might not be so intimated by Margaery if she looked like this:




Make sure you head over to check out the full-sized versions of these great drawings plus a whole lot more families and groups.

This isn’t the first meeting between Bob’s Burgers and Game of Thrones. This past season in an episode titled “The Gayle Tales,” Louise wrote a story inspired by the HBO show. It was set in Catsteros and involved cat dragons. You better believe Bob became “Bobdor.”

What other shows would you like to see drawn in the style of Bob’s Burgers? Any other universe you’d like to see the people of Westeros transported to? Pull up a stool and have someone test your food while we discuss it in the comments.

IMAGES: CarlosDanger101


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