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GAME OF THRONES Blooper Reel Delivers Sorely Needed Laughs

No matter how many recut trailers pop up on YouTube, it’s difficult to think of Westeros as a place filled with laughter. Earlier today at HBO’s Comic-Con panel, HBO’s Game of Thrones rocked the house with a slew of incredible announcements, and insights from the cast and crew that bring out favorite denizens of Westeros to life. That being said, the best moment may well have been the season four blooper reel. And before you ask, yes, it’s as glorious as you might imagine it would be.

Considering the extremely serious nature of the series, it comes as a bit of a relief to see them break character. Personally, for us, the best part of the reel comes when Emilia Clarke utters the phrase “I’m a khaleesi, not a queen. For f**k’s sake.” As if we didn’t love her enough already, our admiration for the Mother of Dragons just went up tenfold with that one. It’s been a good day for genre fans, and this is one of the best things we could have asked for to carry us along on the Comic-Con journey beyond the Wall into the heart of nerd-dom.

What do you think of the blooper reel? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Rob says:

    😀 i love bloopers