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Realm Round-Up: The Biggest GAME OF THRONES Stories for “Beyond the Wall”

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for season seven of Game of Thrones. Stop and catch a dragon out of here if you’re not caught up to “Beyond the Wall.”

Okay, Game of Thrones. You’ve taken us past the Wall and into icy territory. Jon Snow‘s stupid mission in “Beyond the Wall” had serious consequences that could doom Westeros. Good job, Jon Snow. His missteps led his band into trouble of the worst kind and spurred Daenerys to bring her dragons north. Questionable decision making also happened in Winterfell and caused Arya and Sansa to act like boneheads. Needless to say, we had about a million things to process.

Before the season seven finale of Game of Thrones arrives (I know, we’re crying too), soak in a comforting bath of history, theories, predictions—we have all the Thrones things in Realm Round-Up.

Relive It. Trace your steps back to “Beyond the Wall” and relive the drama and the huge dragon-shaped shock with Alicia’s recap.

Study Time. How about some entertaining homework assignments? Michael, your stalwart History of Thrones professor, has two columns especially relevant to the happenings north of Eastwatch. First up, read about the history of the Night King and his army of the dead. Then, stay frosty and learn about the legend of ice dragons in Westeros.

That Spear, Yo. I’m sorry/not sorry, but the Night King was the MVP of “Beyond the Wall.” He’s one of the few characters that made intelligent choices. Read my rationale for crowning the Night King here.

Dragon Problems. Ready for a panel of Game of Thrones experts to break down every mad second of “Beyond the Wall?” Then stop what you’re doing and watch the latest All Kings Considered.

Meme Rulers. My reaction to last week’s Game of Thrones was a long series of exclamation points, but thankfully the inhabitants of the interwebs are much funnier. View a collection of the best reactions to “Beyond the Wall” right this way.

Undead Action. Want to know how HBO went undead for “Beyond the Wall?” They released a featurette showing how they made an undead polar bear and so much more. Go watch.

Science of Flying and Fire. We know you having burning (ha, get it?!) questions about dragons after “Beyond the Wall,” and Kyle Hill is here to answer them. In the above video, he takes a look at how fast dragons fly. Then, he details how exactly the wyverns breathe fire.

While we’re here, let’s turn our gaze towards the Game of Thrones season seven finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

Going South. Everyone is traveling everywhere in Westeros this season, and the finale is going to take many characters to King’s Landing–specifically to the Dragonpit. Watch the above preview and go read Michael’s analysis of the footage. What do we think the title “The Dragon and the Wolf” could mean? Alicia has some thoughts on that topic.

Pictures Worth So Many Words. Photos from the season seven finale show all sorts of grim expressions on the faces of characters around the realm. So, we know season seven’s not going to go out with a comedy and dance routine. Michael’s searched for clues in the photos; see the pics and read his take on ’em here.

Questions and Theories. We’re going into the finale with so much on our minds. So. Much. We have some questions we want answered and predictions about how the season will wrap. Alicia has a wild but great theory about how the Golden Company could play into things.

We have theories about even further into the future, too.

Sansa Value. Should Sansa be the one who takes the Iron Throne? Christy votes yes.

This Would Be Bad. Let’s say it all goes wrong, and the Night King gets all of Westeros under his frigid fist. You know who would be be an excellent match for him? Cersei. Read Alicia’s breakdown for Cersei as the Night Queen.

Does your heart still hurt from the final moments of “Beyond the Wall?” Mine does. Head to the comments and tell us what’s still on your mind from the episode.

Images: HBO, Tumblr/Mohammed

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