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GAME OF THRONES’ Arya Leads the (Wolf)Pack for Popular UK Baby Names

You wouldn’t imagine a deadly assassin with a long (literal) list of bodies in her wake would make for a popular baby name, but then again how many of them are one of the most beloved characters on the world’s most popular show? That’s why nurseries across the UK will be inundated with little Aryas next year. But she won’t be the only Game of Thrones named baby at daycare, because she’ll be joined by Tyrions, Briennes, Sansas, and the baby of dragons, Daenerys.

According to BBC News 300 newborn girls in Wales and England last year were named for Ned Stark’s youngest daughter Arya. That’s up from two years ago when that number was 244. The little face-changing killer proved far more popular than Tyrion (11), her sister Sansa (5), Daenerys (4), and Brienne (3). But it’s not just names from Game of Thrones that parents are finding inspiration from, because a title from the show was the second most common baby name. That’s because 69 (nice) proud parents named their daughter Khaleesi.

We think we know who will be leading the kindergarten khalasar.

But before you come down too hard on my Game of Thrones people, they aren’t the only lunatics superfans out there. There were 90 (90!) babies named Loki. BABY LOKI. I don’t know if that is better or worse than the 18 who named their son Thor, but it’s definitely better than the 16 who went with Kal-El, Superman’s Krypton name, and the 54 baby Kylos born to strange Star Wars parents.

Those parents must be really positive Kylo Ren will have a redemption arc in the next two movies. At least the 12 new Anakins know Darth Vader eventually pulled it together.

But while some of these seem like unusual choices, one popular name from last year makes all the sense in the world. Because 35 boys and 7 girls were named for the late, great David Bowie. And knowing there are a bunch of baby Bowie’s out there makes us feel like the world is a better place today.

Plus, they might be the only kids who have a shot at having as many “faces” as all those Aryas.

What pop culture-inspired baby name is your favorite? Name yours in the comments below.

Want to Brush Up on Your Westerosi History?

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