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Gallifrey Gustation with Alton Brown on “Dork Fork”

Today, we unveil the first episode of Dork Fork on the Nerdist Channel. It’s the new series on which comedians Andie Bolt and Harrison Brown, plus, in the debut, guest Alton Brown, show you how to make special treats for special occasions. First up: Food for your Doctor Who Series 7 debut episode viewing party.

We’ll have episodes timed for special occasions in the coming months, so have your pantry stocked and your cooking implements always at the ready. Read more about the show in Luke Y. Thompson’s chat with Andie by clicking here, and enjoy the Whovian repast while you watch the new Who, 9/8c on BBC America (same time in Canada on Space, and 7:20p in the UK on BBC One).

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  1. Funnyman says:

    Uhmmm….not so much. Great try…but not the best work. Keep making new stuff though!

  2. Riss says:

    Andie and Harrison, don’t be discouraged by the negativity–first shows are always the hardest, but even with that said, I genuinely enjoyed this! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with. You guys are a wonderfully charming pair.

  3. Levelled Up says:

    I like the idea and Alton, don’t like the hosts.

    Kumail and Emily would be incredible in something like this. Also you need a new title. Nerd and Geek have both negative and positive connotations but Dork has only negative.

    I hadn’t heard any feedback about this pro or con before watching it, didn’t even read the other comments before. This is just my objective take.

  4. Michelle says:

    I just hadn’t gotten around to watching this.

    After hearing the Nerdist episode about the backlash on this I wanted to watch it and love it and be all. Screw you internet haters! But I’m sorry, it is bad and not in a good way.

    Within the context of a UCB show, this probably would have been funny. Just clicking play cold turkey without any context aside from the title it does not work.

    I’m looking forward to the other episodes as you refine the idea.

  5. Great Eats says:

    The worst thing that has ever happened

  6. Sean says:

    While Geeky Spoon may have gotten the jump on Dork Fork by a few days, Rosanna Pasino has been doing “Nerdy Nummies” as a regular segment on her YouTube channel for about a year now: I’m sure others can make even earlier claims- even Alton’s Good Eats could be seen sa a riff along the same themes.

    But outside the argument of who came first, I’m afraid I found this show unwatchable. If the point was to make an Andy Kaufman-esque performance piece centered around a pair of unlikeable hosts, then it succeeded brilliantly. I just wish someone had let Alton in on the joke, as he was the only one remotely charismatic or even comfortable in front of the cameras.

    If, on the other hand, this was just a pilot episode and the hosts were simply nervous and awkward their first time out, then whoever posted the thing did the two a great disservice. The Powers That Be at Nerdist should have shelved this video and given Bolt and H. Brown another chance to work out the kinks.

  7. Three toes of fury says:

    Ive read alot of comments on youtube and the ones here….i find them all to be a bit too one sided in slamming the hosts and praising Alton. My take, and please note that i am a HUGE Alton fan (have purchased each of his books on release day), is that Alton is partially responsible for some of the uncomfortableness. He came in and started ordering Andie and berating her from the beginning. The challenge is that there’s a fine line between playful ribbing and passive aggressive comments, this episode crossed that line during the rapid fire delivery. Both Alton and Andie were participants. Once that happens its tough to retain a entertaining environment.

    Im definitely on board for the program…its a great idea and one that i anticipate will have good future shows!

    Peace .n. a loaf of bread, a quart o milk, and a stick o butter.


  8. Stella says:

    This makes me sad. I hope future episodes see better scripts, and maybe some rapport between the hosts. It was obvious that neither of them wanted to be in the same room with the other, which made things even more awkward when Alton arrived. (It was kind of funny how he got rid of Andie by sending her off to find an apron.)

    Also, just because this is called “Dork Fork,” that doesn’t mean the hosts have to act like drunk 16-year-olds with Asperger’s.

  9. waxlion says:

    Well there’s also Feast of Fiction (which I initially thought this was, since I never bothered learning the name) which I actually like.

    Granted part of it might just be since I think both of the younger hosts are pretty cute/photogenic and it has the feel of a very slick amateur production. It’s slick, well-edited, and I thought the acting was charming campy.

  10. DocTonyNYC says:

    ITA with previous comment. This is a rip-off of “The Geeky Spoon.” Both shows are almost painful to watch, frankly. That said, if you need to steal your idea from someone else, at least do it well. I love Alton Brown, but even he couldn’t save this train wreck.

  11. RJ Williams says:

    Love that he called bow ties “action clothing” – I’m totally using that to explain why I wear bow ties when I teach. Love it. Also, to celebrate the Good Doctor for the past 50 years I made this treasure, I hope you love it as much as I do:

  12. The Church of the Spork God frowns upon your unoriginal shenanigans of ripping off the Geeky Spoon

    You stole your theme from this hardworking duo and should be ashamed.

  13. Why is it so hard to make nerdy cooking shows? There’s another one on YouTube (the name slips my mind) that has the same tone and is just as cringe-worthy.

    Hopefully, this’ll get better with time.

  14. Colin says:

    Alton was good, but everything else was terrible

  15. Mike says:

    The only thing to salvage from this show is that Alton Brown needs another show like Good Eats. The rest of the show was not watchable and had little to do with cooking or nerd culture. I really wanted to like this show, but I just can’t.

  16. Evan says:

    I like the premise of the show. I agree with ^ about the show needing some work. Not that I’m complaining about free entertainment. All the shows on the Nerdist Channel have been great, All star bowling and 4 points especially.

  17. CollinSSS says:

    Alton is great and so is Doctor Who but both of those hosts are insufferable and uninformed on the whole dork part of dork fork