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Gallery 1988 Kicks Off GHOSTBUSTERS’ 30th Anniversary Art Show This Weekend

Ghostbusters‘s mix of humor and horror is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup — or, perhaps more appropriately, Twinkie — of ’80s pop cinema. So it deserves an equally perfect 30th anniversary celebration. To make sure fans nationwide keep on bustin’ this year (because bustin’ makes them feel good, don’t ya know), the art lovers of Gallery 1988 are launching their Ghostbusters traveling art show May 19th through 26th at 69 Leonard Street (between Church & Broadway) in New York, just a short walk away from the firehouse that served as the on-screen headquarters of the boys in grey. There will be paintings, limited edition prints, and t-shirts from such artists and designers as Anthony Petrie, Tom Whalen, and Tara McPherson. But take note: The art is only available for purchase at the galleries in which the show will exhibit.

The show will also be coming to L.A. at Gallery 1988 (West) on Melrose Avenue May 17th-June 1st, and to Chicago (exact location to be announced) in June and San Diego Comic-Con in July. There’s more information at

Get your first glimpse of all this Ghostbustery goodness below. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat a Twinkie.

Mike Mitchell

Nicole Gustafsson


Joshua Budich

Anthony Petrie

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