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GALAVANT Recap: New King in Town

At long last, they have arrived! Galavant has made it to Valencia and things quickly broke out at the castle — plots, madness, guest stars, trickery, and twists. And oh yeah there were some songs, too. But honestly, With major forward momentum plot-wise (and the seriously fun guest stars: there were so many this week!), Galavant has really kicked things into high gear this week. But it’s all not really going down until, say, nine o’clock. So let’s take a look at what happened, eh?

Sure, last week was fun, but this week kinda killed it, showing the true nature of Madalena’s Evil Queen-ness. Her first song, in fact, kicked off the whole hour, complete with magic mirror, mirrors on the wall. (The whole homage ’twas quite the ball.) After embracing her inner menace to, well, everyone, Madalena stirred up quite the ingenious plot manipulating the poor, poor Chef’s affections for Gwen her handmaiden (Daisy from Downton Abbey!)

But first — to the monastery! Only the head these funky monkeys (ha! Will you look at that?) was Weird Al, whose vow of singing was broken only very briefly to counsel Isabella into telling Gal the truth. Too bad King Richard took that from her upon their “undercover” entrance into the castle. At least King Richard bungled his perfect opening line to Galavant (because of course he did). That at least gives Gal the wit advantage.

At least it wasn’t all hoo-hum sadtimes: there was some love in the air! First, of course, was the budding love between Chef House Elf and Gwen Daisy. Their song was actually the highlight of the singing evening (second place was the monks), thanks to the hilarious pokes it made at just how terrible medieval life actually was. “Thank god our life expectancy is only 32!” She may not have been on board in the beginning, but we’re pretty sure even Daisy-doo was on the Good Ship Chef-Daisy alongside the rest of us.

As would Gal and Isabella, if a.) they know who either of those people were, and b.) weren’t totally realizing their own feelings for each other. Oh yes, the man with the beard that “magically stays the same length all the time” and Princess Felona. He may not have been happy about her lies, but not even Galavant’s inability to read the signs and see what’s plainly in front of him when it comes to Madalena or Isabella (“So many songs, so many sides!”) got in the way of his realization that the princess was maybe the one for him. And that — oh thank god that took forever — maybe Madalena didn’t love him after all.

Shortly after being sentenced to death by the king, though, Madalena’s ol’ switcheroo plan swings into action: the beautiful dinner for two she convinced the Chef to cook for himself and Gwen the Handmaiden was actually all for Gal. Dobby the Real Boy House Elf even managed to get put in the noose in Gal’s place without anyone noticing the major size differences.

After having a bit of a crisis, King Richard went hog wild on some of Xanax the Magician’s (read: drug peddler. Read also: Ricky Gervais) good time juice, sending him down a rabbit hole of memories to figure out just what the heck his childhood trauma was — turns out it was his older brother Kingsley and a heck of a lot of feelings. This prompted Gervais’ own song, which was stoner Beatles hilari-magic funny business.

But crises aren’t just for royalty, as Gareth’s own allegiances were tested thanks to Madalena’s stunning strength of, well, point of view. This threw Gareth into a veritable tizzy, but not for long because there was a second part to the Evil Queen’s Evil Plan: the return of Kingsley! He takes what he wants and what he wants is Richard’s kingdom. Of course.

Fun Quotes and Other Things of Note:
– Not only did Sid invent the zipper, Gareth invented time! (“You sound like a witch.”)
– “Yes, Gareth, he’ll be here at nine.” Aww man: everything happens at nine!
– “Maddie, Baby, Chill.” King Richard’s in a really good place right now. Thank god he’s laying off the wheat and whatnot.
– Madlena line of the night: “Why do I even talk to poor people?”
– Or it might also be “Look around! I live in a castle!”
– Loved Isabella’s mom’s reaction to the heads-on-a-platter gag: “We’ve been prisoners a long time, we’ve lost perspective.”
– Oh my god Baby Gareth.
– “We literally named you Kingsley.”
– “These [prison cells] have been open the whole time? No one thought to try? Really?”

So what did we think of this week’s episode? And what do you think will happen next time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Mike says:

    Really liking the last couple episodes after the first felt a bit slow.

  2. Jeff says:

    I calling it right now. Galavant is Kingsley’s son.

  3. Insightful Panda says:

    Personally, I feel like this was the strongest episode yet. I loved the premier; yet this one had so much great plot and writing. Though I did miss 1 thing – NO Game of Thrones reference. Did I miss it or was there not one in this episode like the last two?