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Funko Adds She-Ra, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and More Miscellaneous Comic-Con Exclusives

Funko‘s list of Comic-Con exclusives never ends–it only gets deeper and deeper until you finally give in, conceding that, yes, they’ve announced at least one property or item you have to have, even if you weren’t considering it before and you’re deathly afraid of crowds and long lines.

I mean, look at that Skeletor. They’ve made Dorbz that have actually cutified the likes of Freddy Krueger, but only Eternia’s evil lord of destruction has actually managed to overrule the smiley style and remain sinister.


Masters of the Universe as a brand hasn’t given Mattel the numbers they’d like at mass retail, but it remains popular with the collector crowd, so they’ve been having better luck outsourcing to smaller companies like Funko. And that’s why you have to go out of your way a little if you want to own something like this She-Ra:


Five Nights at Freddy’s remains a merchandising powerhouse, but maybe the spring-open faces were just too disturbing for some stores. They certainly make for some of the more elaborately detailed Pops we’ve ever seen.


“Mister,” he said, in a voice unintrusive. “I am the Lorax, a flock-haired exclusive.”


There’s more, including a Power Rangers Megazord and a glow-in-the-dark Scare Glow, who’s a character only dedicated He-fans will recognize (too everyone else, he just looks like a muscular grim reaper, but that’s good enough). Check out the announcement video…

…and then look in our gallery below for more pics. Have they outdone themselves this year? Are you ready to do battle for the stylized figurines of your choice? Tell us your strategy in comments.

Images: Funko


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