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Funko Isn’t Lying About These SAGA Funko Pop Figures

Aside from The Walking Dead, one of the biggest hits to ever come out of Image Comics is Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples‘ fan favorite series Saga. First published by Skybound Entertainment back in 2012, and still going strong today, Saga is the epic sci-fi/fantasy story of Alana and Marko, two lovers from long-warring alien races, as they flee authorities from both sides of a massive galactic war. Traveling with their newborn daughter, Hazel, the pair encounter astonishing aliens, fearsome bounty hunters and a host of allies and enemies alike as they try and keep their new family safe.

Now the characters from Saga are the latest comic book icons to join the Funko family. Starting in February 2018, Saga fans will be be able to pick up Pop! vinyl figures of characters such as Lying Cat, Alana, Marko, Prince Robot IV, and The Will.

Fans will be able to purchase a bloody version of The Will as a chase variant, a rarity of 1-in-6. Also, Izabel the ghostly babysitter will be available as a Hot Topic exclusive, and Lying Cat will have two different variants — a bloody version, available at your local comic book shop and a pink version, available only at Barnes & Noble stores.

Saga is one of the wildest and most inventive comic book series of the 21st century, proving that Runaways and Y: The Last Man’s Brian K. Vaughan was anything but two-hit wonder. With the series quickly approaching its 50th issue, Saga fans will want to celebrate their love for all things Alana and Marko with these adorable Pop! figures. You can check out the entire Saga wave one below in our gallery.

Are you as stoked as we are to see the characters of Saga get their own adorable Pop! figures? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Images: Funko

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