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Funko Reveals the 1966 Toy Batmobile We’ve Always Wanted

Funko Reveals the 1966 Toy Batmobile We’ve Always Wanted

If you grew up during any part of the ’80s, chances are that alongside Star Wars and Masters of the Universe toys, you had some of the Super Powers Collection. Kenner’s landmark toy line was, at the time, the most complete line of DC Comics superheroes, all in a Silver Age style, and it gave us great vehicles like the Batmobile and the Lex Soar 7. The eternal frustration of the figures, though, was that, in order to include action features like power punches and kicks, they had to be bigger than Star Wars or G.I. Joe figures, and thus couldn’t really play well with them. They’re still one of the greatest toy lines ever made, but Darth Vader just didn’t look like a threat to them.


Funko have finally remedied this. Their new Batmobile, based on the 1966 TV series, features Adam West‘s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin in perfect Star Wars size, at 3.75 inches. This means that if you want to let Jyn Erso drive for a bit, you can. If Batman has to resort to fisticuffs against Boba Fett, it’s an even match. Does Robin want to try spinning in a Naboo N-1 fighter? He can, and like Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace he might not even need a driver’s license. And since Funko also does Game of Thrones figures in this scale, we can’t wait to get the dynamic duo up on the wall administering ZAP! and POW! blows to oncoming White Walkers.

Of course, Funko wouldn’t be Funko if they didn’t bust out some new Pop Vinyls to celebrate this license as well. Check out our gallery below for the Riddler, the 1/6 chase Riddler with hat, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Batgirl, and King Tut, who seems to be experiencing a bit of a merchandise rebirth these days. With his under-eye lids, he also looks a bit like Stewie Griffin cosplaying.

Funko also notes that this Batmobile will be their first vehicle with rolling wheels. You probably assumed that, but it’s still good to know.

What adventures will you be rolling the caped crusaders into? You are going to play with it, right? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Funko

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