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Link had to quest all over Hyrule to find the Spiritual Stones in The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, but Baron von Brunk took a different path: he created them from LEGO bricks. It wasn’t necessarily easier or less time-consuming, but at least he got a tangible and practical appliance for his trouble. The builder incorporated Kokiri’s Emerald, Zora’s Sapphire, and Goron’s Ruby into a mosaic-style, fully functioning LEGO lamp. The light is a shining example of how geek flavored home decor can be gorgeous and classy.

He came up with a triangular design for the Spiritual Stone lamp and used LEGO hinge bricks to attach the sides. The roof features the Triforce symbol with a center made from a studs not on top (SNOT) pattern (if you’re curious about what that means, you can read more about about SNOT techniques here). Baron von Brunk designed the water, fire, and forest stone patterns by referencing images of the 3D game items.

The lamp looks so magical when it’s on though, that I’d believe he somehow zapped the stones out of Hyrule and into his living room. The large number of transculent studs used in the design give it a beautiful stained glass appearance.


Baron von Brunk also made a Super Mario Bros. lamp. That one was square but still had the stained glass look. If you want to try to make a mosaic LEGO lamp of your own, the Baron put together an Instructable going over the basic materials and techniques. The design is up to you.

HT: The Brothers Brick

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  1. Dawn says:

    This made my little nerd heart happy.  Now if only I had the attention span to attempt to make my very own. *sigh*