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Full Length ANNABELLE Trailer Arrives

After James Wan’s The Conjuring was such a smash success in the summer of 2013, it wasn’t much of a surprise that a sequel and spin-off movie were quickly greenlit. Annabelle is that spin-off movie and now we have the first full length trailer on our hands.

I was really excited about the teaser trailer that hit just before Comic-Con. I felt like it showed you just enough to get excited and seemed to keep in the tradition of its predecessor, The Conjuring. Classy but still scary, appearing to save the violence for when it was necessary and relying on creep and anticipation to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

The full length trailer for Annabelle was just released and, for better or worse, it doesn’t appear to leave as much to the imagination. With the trailer also comes the first real information about the actual plot of the movie, which was helpful because I didn’t gather most of this from the new trailer.

Capable of unspeakable evil, the actual doll exists locked up in an occult museum in Connecticut—visited only by a priest who blesses her twice a month. New Line Cinema’s supernatural thriller “Annabelle” begins before the evil was unleashed.

John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia—a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. But Mia’s delight with Annabelle doesn’t last long. 

On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who violently attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind. The cultists have conjured an entity so malevolent that nothing they did will compare to the sinister conduit to the damned that is now… Annabelle.

Question: If a crazy lady breaks into your house, gets stabbed to death and bleeds all over your creepy doll, doesn’t that doll go away forever and all time? Call me old fashioned, but I’m not too keen on a doll with a crazy lady’s blood all over it hanging out in my house. But hey, maybe that’s just me. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited? Intrigued? Confused? Tell us in the comments section!

Annabelle, written by Gary Dauberman, directed by John Leonetti and starring Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard, Ward Horton, Tony Amendola, Eric Ladin and Brian Howe, hits theaters October 3.

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  1. Barny Carhamich says:

    In one of the trailers, the wife takes it out of a box and the husband says something like, “I thought I threw that away!”
    So I’m guessing that they get attacked in one house, they move and throw the doll away, and the doll keeps popping up at their new house. 
    I think it looks creepy and I enjoyed the conjuring. My only question is…why didn’t they stick to the actual Annabelle story which is creepy as hell and referred to in the conjuring? …unless this movie ends with one of the nurse picking Annabelle up. Yeah that’s probably what happens. 

  2. PheFo says:

    How does James Wan keep getting work? Nothing he’s made has even been remotely decent. All his movies are just REALLY loud sounds/music and an endless string of jump scares that get old fast. Horror is dead, and I blame “The Blair Witch Project” for it. …So yeah, I don’t care too much for the trailer.

  3. Um, yeah, no. The doll was creepy looking before the blood, but keeping a doll with crazy blood on it? No freakin way!