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Full INTO THE WOODS Trailer Shows That Singing Happens

The visuals were surely there in the teaser trailer for this Christmas’ release of Disney’s Into the Woods, but it mostly featured people looking pensive. But that was just a teaser, and we were sufficiently teased. The new full trailer for the film gives us something we’ve been wondering about: singing! Makes sense that a movie musical based on a stage musical featuring songs by the great Stephen Sondheim should at least acknowledge there will be singing in it; can’t surprise your audience that much. That’d be like if you went to see Les Miserables last year and they’d never shown Jean Valjean bellowing out “One Day More.” These are musical references. But soft, enjoy this new songful trailer for the film directed by Rob Marshall.

SINGING! We already knew Meryl Streep had a set of pipes on her from Mamma Mia!, but her performance as the Witch will let her stretch both her vocal prowess and her character-acting chops. I mean, come on, did anyone think she WASN’T going to be awesome? Also, let’s just talk briefly about Johnny Depp as the Wolf. Now, obviously, he doesn’t do much in the trailer, and I’m well aware that this is based on a musical and costuming and makeup in musicals is…expressionistic, however, he looks more like a half-madeup person from Cats or, like, if a jazz musician decides to grow a Fu Manchu. Regardless, that has nothing to do with the trailer, really. Just an observation.

Into the Woods will come to cinemas this Christmas and, despite the MPAA warning against “peril” families will likely flock to it. What do you think? Are you stoked to see a big, lavish live-action musical onscreen or do you think they ought to have left it relegated to the stage? Let us know!

Image: Disney

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I did this musical in high school and I it was the best theatrical experience I’ve ever had, so I’m pretty excited about it. I just hope they keep the essence of the story in there, because it’s important. I’ll love whatever they do I think, but my first viewing is definitely going to be picky.

  2. Becky says:

    I dunno…. I am excited, but also less excited when I heard they were not having the wolf be the creepy wolf he was in the stage play. No “hello little girl.” I guess when you Disney something up, it becomes more “family friendly” but I honestly never saw anything wrong with the original story lines, and I saw it as a child. Whatevs, I’m still going to end up seeing it!

    • Andrew says:

      As far as I know, the subtext and Hello Little Girl are still in there…

      • Becky says:

        Hmmmm…. I remember reading an article, I think on Nerdist, that they weren’t. Guess we will see!

    • Lauren-Elise says:

      Excitingly, although those things may be true (though I have heard that they will be in there– aka why they changed to an older actress to play Little Red) Sondheim and Lapine have been fully involved with all of the edits. Adaptations are not meant to be replications, but rather shifts from one medium to another. Otherwise, we may as well go to see the play live or watch the broadway version on screen (which is on netflix!)