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Freshly-Minted “Iron Man 3” Trailer

We’ve been intensely excited for Iron Man 3 since our first glimpse at the teaser trailer, but as we all saw from the Super Bowl spot and its subsequent “Extended Look,” the people at Disney and Marvel are keeping new footage very close to the armor-plated chest piece.

This morning, we got a whole new trailer, unveiled exclusively through Yahoo! This trailer gives us a glimpse of Tony Stark that had been bubbling under the surface during his last three major screen appearances but now comes to the forefront. He’s full of self doubt and worry. He once was a man who had nothing much to lose, and now that’s all he has. It seems like Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin will be the one villain to prey upon this weakness. It’s a darker, more contemplative take on the Iron Man character than we’ve seen yet, and that’s all the more exciting. May the 3rd can’t come soon enough.

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The Mutant Season : Doug Brochu

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Peter Jackson Filmed Part of RETURN OF THE KING on a Mine Field





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  4. Dyler Crews says:

    This looks like it could be really stupid or really awesome.

  5. Chang says:

    “We need backup”. Looks like he’s got his own army now. 😀

  6. michelle says:

    I have watched this trailer at least a dozen times today! I CANNOT WAIT…this is going to INCREDIBLE!! May 3rd can’t get here fast enough!

  7. ADSB says:

    Is that William Sadler as the president?

  8. CJ says:

    How cares about the race / nationality of the Villain – its important to know they have a top notch Academy Award winning actor to portray a Villain that isn’t watered down to something ignorant this time (the addition of Guy Pierce as a character for Tony Stark to compete against, improves everything, Don Cheadle getting more screen time is also a plus) ….

  9. bastien says:

    p.s. The Mandarin is also biracial, Chinese and English.

    p.p.s. As far as I know, The Mandarin in this movie isn’t supposed to be Chinese (part of the reason being that the original depiction of The Mandarin was basically a racist Chinese caricature).

  10. bastien says:


    Ben Kingsley is biracial, Indian and English.

  11. Derek Harju says:


  12. It would be nice if they got a asian actor to be the Mandarin( a bit of a white wash but then so was Dark Knight Rises)but it looks cool. I wonder if Pepper get’s the “RESCUE” armor in this. I also wonder if they will take bits from the “Armor Wars” storyline like they did in the 1st film?

  13. Miguel David says:

    So freakin’ cool!

    Tony Stark’s monologue at the beginning reminds me of Mask in the Iron Man by Joe Quesada. If that’s intentional, great nod!

  14. George says:

    Possible Spoiler: Anyone else thinking the shirtless dude throwing iron man at 1:48 in the trailer is Mallen?

  15. Aaron says:

    Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin? Odd choice, but hey, he proved he could play Ghandi, so I guess why not a Chinese badass? Too bad it doesn’t look like he will wear his cool helmet though.

    Everyone above expressed the same sentiment as me. This trailer really ‘wowed’ me. I am there!

  16. Matt says:

    Was that the hulkbuster armor at the very end? nice!

  17. Jake says:

    @Russell, you took the words right out of my mouth!

  18. Nathaniel says:


  19. Jim says:

    I actually got chills at the end. I’ve always liked Iron Man, and it was really fun seeing all the different armors brought to life.

  20. Russell The Tuba Geek says:

    Ho. Lee. Shit. This is going to be AWESOME!