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Watch an Expert Sculptor Carve an Incredibly-Detailed Freddie Mercury Figurine

Warning: This post ends with one of the worst jokes ever written.

Freddie Mercury didn’t just have one of the greatest singing voices in pop music history, he might have had the best. But that wasn’t all that made him one of the greatest leading men in rock history, because he also had one of the most memorable looks. If you’re going to try and capture his likeness in a work of art, you have quite a lot to live up to. But that’s exactly what this gorgeous mini-sculpture of the beloved Queen singer pulls off.

This is the work of artist Juliana LePine, who shared this video of her crafting this incredibly-detailed, absolutely amazing miniature figurine of the late, great vocalist. She opted to go with his mustachioed, white tank top look, which he was sporting during the band’s legendary concert at Live Aid in 1985.

The final, 7.5″ tall product is stunning. You can really feel his stage presence–and all of his chest hair–as though you were in the audience that night. But we have to admit that even though we always love watching a supremely talented person plying their skills, seeing Freddie Mercury’s head on a skeleton body might linger with us for awhile, most likely when we’re in the midst of a nightmare.

Whereas this half-finished product will definitely be in our nightmares.

That’s why seeing the finished product is a lot better than just seeing a little silhouetto of a man.

…….You were warned.

Is there a look Freddie Mercury sported from a different era you’d also love to see her sculpt? Craft your best suggestions in our comments section below.

Images: Juliana LePine Sculptures

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