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Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Made a ’70s Rock Music Video

For the two-part season finale of their hit mockumentary series on IFC, Documentary Now!, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen delved into the annals of seventies music history by chronicling the rise and fall of their fictional soft-rock band, The Blue Jean Committee. But, being the multi-talented comedian/actor/writer/musicians that they are (the rare quadruple threats), the two SNL-alums decided to release a real EP as well. And now, a “lost treasure” has been unearthed to accompany the EP, a music video for their hit song “Catalina Breeze.”

The video is straight out of seventies yacht rock culture, with a grainy super 8 film texture, glimpses of random sunny California beaches, playful scenes of the duo in the studio, and of course, plenty of crossfading. The song itself is something you’d expect from say, The Doobie Brothers or Steely Dan, and could easily be one of those tracks your dad plays on repeat in his Prius while on his way to the local farmers’ market for homemade kombucha. The lyrics (“Your philosophies are taken from a high-class magazine, and going to the movies.”) are both gentle and somewhat nonsensical, perfect background music for cruising down the coast at sunset in a convertible or… perming your hair?

As for the series, which is hosted by Helen Mirren, and executive produced by Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels, Hader, and Armisen, IFC has already ordered to two more seasons. So everybody break out your “champagne coconuts” and celebrate because there’s likely to be a lot more Documentary Now! coming our way soon!

And, if the music video really grooved your aura, the Catalina Breeze EP, which has seven tracks including the eponymous faux hit, is available now for purchase via Drag City (yes, that’s a real record label), or, theoretically, on 12″ vinyl. “Theoretically” because the vinyls are currently sold out. And, once again to clarify, we’re talking about a fictional band here. Or are we? Check out The Blue Jean Committee perform on Late Night with Seth Meyers in the video below and decide for yourself:

What do you think of the “Catalina Breeze” music video? Is it like, “totally groovy, man, let’s all be one with the universe”? Or more like, “whoa, settle down, you’re harshing my vibes”? Let us know in the comments section below!

HT: Rolling Stone 
Image: IFC/Documentary Now!



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