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FREAKS AND GEEKS Documentary Coming to A&E in 2018

Along with Firefly and My So-Called Life, the very short lived NBC series Freaks and Geeks is one of the greatest “one season wonder” shows ever produced, and has an influence that far outstripped its very short shelf life on network TV. We sure love it.

Premiering in 1999, the coming-of-age/early ’80s high school period piece only aired 12 of its 18 episodes on the network. Yet its critical acclaim from all corners and passionate fan base launched the careers of creator Paul Feig, who would go on to direct hit movies like Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters, and the acting careers of James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogen, among others. And the show’s executive producer? Judd Apatow. One can safely say this series gave birth to early-aughts American comedy.

Although a reunion has been teased by various cast members over the years, it’s never come to pass. But we might be getting the next best thing very soon, as it’s been reported on the AV Club that Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker best known for Super Size Me, will include a comprehensive behind the scenes look at the beloved show in his upcoming A&E docu-series CultureShock. The new series is described as show that will “examine the untold stories behind watershed moments in pop culture that had a lasting impact on our culture—with the full participation from the subjects.”

So when is the show actually airing? As of yet, the series doesn’t have a premiere date on A&E, but actor Samm Levine, who played dweeby Neal Schweiber on the series, tweeted an image of the documentary last week (which you can see above), listing it as coming in 2018. Feig later confirmed this fact.

Every major actor who has come out of this show is extremely proud of it to this day, so I’d be shocked if there were any major hold outs for the documentary. It seems everyone involved with the series realizes they were part of something special. Hopefully this documentary will be something quite special too.

Are you as excited to see this amazing show finally get its due? Let us know your thoughts on this great series down below in the comments.

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