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Fox to Reboot GREATEST AMERICAN HERO with 22 JUMP STREET Directors

When one talks about classic ’80s television, there are shows like Miami Vice, The Equalizer, Magnum P.I., and MacGyver, but few are as remembered as fondly as the series that had a theme song that hit #2 on the Billboard charts, The Greatest America Hero. The series followed the adventures of Ralph Hinkley, who, after meeting a bunch of aliens, is given a suit that makes him a superhero. However, in classic ’80s fashion, Ralph quickly loses the instruction booklet to the suit he hates wearing and is forced to discover its power through – often comical – trial and error.

For years there have been rumors that Hollywood was looking at ways to bring the 80s staple back from the dead, and usually those rumors involved a feature film reboot of the series. However, according to Deadline, it seems those plans are long dead as Fox has teamed up with Phil Lord & Chris Miller (who will serve as executive producers) to create a new version of the series for the upcoming development season.

The modern iteration will be written by 22 Jump Street scribe Rodney Rothman, and will follow “inner-city teacher Isaac’s adventures after his discovery of a superhero suit which gives him superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, he hates wearing the suit, and has to learn how to use its powers by trial and error because he quickly misplaces the suit’s instructions. He also has to deal with a government handler who has very different objectives than him and struggles as to whether he should use his newfound gifts to help others or just himself.”

So it sounds like the new series won’t differ to greatly from its predecessor, but more importantly, Lord & Miller are attached, and after the duo made LEGOs even cooler than they already were, we’re willing to trust them to do absolutely anything they want to do. And, hey, we have it on good authority that Nathan Fillion is interested in playing the lead role.

For reference purposes, here is the first episode of the original series available for free on

Do you want to see a Greatest American Hero reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. arthur says:

    sure do watch from netflex whole thing will watch again

  2. James Smith says:

    Is Castle going away???  

  3. Josh says:

    Fuc/ yes

  4. I Know original TGAH star William Katt (aka “Ralph Hinckley”) has been trying to get the series going again, and had even gotten late TGAH creator Stephen J. Cannell. Sadly, all that’s come from his efforts so far is a hard-to-find three-issue comic miniseries. Here’s hoping his input might be sought by Lord & Miller.

  5. I heard rumors of a remake show/movies years ago. I thought Jason Gray-Standford and Barry Van Dyke should star.

  6. Donald Glover as TGAH, Dean Norris as his handler, Aisha Tyler as his girlfriend, “Counselor”. (Waits to hear people claim simultaneously that TGAH must be white, and that they are not racist.)

  7. boB says:

    T.J. Miller in the lead role.  Make it happen!

  8. That’s not the first episode if you count the pilot. 

  9. Graknar Lord of the Spider People says:

    Why is his name Isaac? Was that the one thing holding the old series back? That the main character was named Ralph? I’m hopeful for a good series, but with changes as stupid as that, it sounds like another show rebooted for a more “modern audience.” Maybe it’ll fly better than Bionic Woman did. Nathan Fillion would be my choice as he expressed a desire for the part and either Bruce Campbell or Sean Connery for Bill.

  10. they are rebooting my favorite shows and failing awfully in doing so!

  11. Grooviest American Hero says:

    FBI Handler: Bruuuuuce Cammmpbellll!
    He’d def rival Robert Culp’s “Special Agent Bill Maxwell” from the orig!

  12. Believe it or not, I’m walking on air!

  13. Katrina says:

    I would love to see Aldis Hodge as Isaac and Adam Baldwin as his handler.

    • Henrik says:

      Yeah, Baldwin would be great.  Aaron Paul as Isaac and Bryan Cranston as handler would also be goofy. (Unlikely, of course.)