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Fox Announces Release Dates For Wolverine and FF Follow-ups Through 2018

It’s not just Marvel Studios that is getting all their ducks in a row by announcing dates years in advance;  according to the Hollywood Reporter, Twentieth Century Fox has just announced a slew of Marvel film’s release dates going all the way to 2018. First off, Fox has a sequel to The Wolverine slated for March 3rd, 2017, with James Mangold returning to direct. (Summer sure is starting earlier and earlier, ain’t it?) Following that, they also have announced a sequel to Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot for July 14, 2017. This shows a pretty big vote of confidence for a movie that, as of last week, was rumored to be starting from scratch (a rumor that Fox vehemently denied.)  Whether or not Trank returns is still very much up in the air.

Finally, an unknown Marvel properties film will be released on July 13, 2018. While it is totally unknown what this movie is, speculation has it that it could be some kind of X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover film. With a third Avengers movie almost certainly slated for summer 2018, that could mean that Marvel’s three biggest teams would all have a big screen presence in the same summer. How insane is that? Of course it could also possibly be the long rumored X-Force movie. In any event, this should put a dent in any fanboy’s dreams of Marvel Studios getting the mutants and Richards family back anytime soon.




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  1. Bill says:

    I just hope Cyclops remains dead.

  2. Lisa says:

    I sure don’t want FF or X-Men in any Avenges movie, but would love to have Fox not make them anymore. The new FF movie already seems to be a stinker and it hasn’t even been made yet.

  3. Darra Harris says:

    After reading this I really hope people don’t start demanding again that the FF or X-Men appear in an AVENGERS Movie. Because that got old real quick.

  4. Shayde says:

    “We’re going to make Fantastic Four movies no matter how bad they suck so we don’t lose the license” – Fox