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Former Astronaut Chris Hadfield to Release Album He Recorded in Space

Chris Hadfield will always be among our favorite astronauts for his willingness to engage the public, his mastery of space-based social media, and his terrific cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” that he recorded in space with an original music video. Hadfield slightly modified Bowie’s lyrics to be a little less bleak, and his performance was very impressive.

While Hadfield has retired from the Canadian Space Agency, he’s far from done as a musician! On October 9, Hadfield will release Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can, a new album of music that he recorded while he was on board the International Space Station.

The album will include 11 original songs and Hadfield’s cover of “Space Oddity” as a bonus track.

  1. Big Smoke
  2. Beyond the Terra
  3. Feet Up
  4. I Wonder If She
  5. Caroline
  6. Jewel In the Night
  7. Daughter of My Sins
  8. Window of My Mind
  9. Space Lullaby
  10. Farm Auction
  11. Ride that Lightning
  12. Space Oddity (Bonus track)

To promote the new album, Hadfield has released a new music video for “Feet Up”, one of his original songs that chronicles his trip into space and his experiences in an environment without gravity.

The music video for “Feet Up” was produced by Shut Up & Colour Pictures, with key animation by Seb Harder and it was also made “with the fine help of launch pad.”

Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can is available for pre-order on iTunes, and anyone who does pre-order it will get early access to three of the songs. “Feet Up” will be available immediately, with two other songs becoming available in September.

But if you want to get a CD or vinyl copy of Space Sessions, that option is also available through Hadfield’s website.

Nerdist readers, what do you think of the first song from Hadfield’s new album? Blast off, and share your opinions in the comment section below!

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