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Forget The Trisaber, How About a Blaster Lightsaber Combo?

The trisaber got the attention of Star Wars fans when it debuted in The Force Awakens trailer in November, but it’s not the only modified lightsaber in the galaxy. A new style of weapon that is just as cool as the trisaber was introduced in Star Wars Rebels, and not enough people are talking about it. I realize Star Wars Rebels doesn’t have quite the traction of the first teaser for a new a Star Wars movie so let me tell you about the blaster lightsaber.

Yes, you read that correctly. The weapon functions as both a lightsaber and a blaster. It’s a combination of an elegant weapon for a more civilized age and the clumsy and random blaster. The blaster lightsaber was built by Ezra Bridger.

A little backstory: Star Wars Rebels takes place in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The Jedi Order has been wiped out, but some Jedi did survive Order 66 and kids are still being born with Force abilities. Ezra is one of those kids. He encounters an older, not fully trained but still capable Jedi named Kanan Jarrus. Kanan teaches Ezra as best as he can and in a recent episode of Rebels (“Path to the Jedi”), Ezra crosses a major milestone and builds his own spin on the lightsaber.


Previously to the blaster lightsaber, Ezra wielded a special slingshot. I assumed that was because Disney didn’t want him firing a weapon that looks remotely like a gun, but it was all part of the plan. His lightsaber hilt resembles a staple gun, and the design screams Ezra. He made it from bits and pieces he had on hand along with those donated by fellow crew members. It’s not like going to the “build your own lightsaber” bin at Disney parks where you have the perfect materials available.


Star Wars Rebels co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni explains the basics in a concept sketch:


If you’re drooling over this concept, you can already bring it home. Toys”R”Us released the toy before the lightsaber even appeared on the series.

What do you think about the blaster lightsaber combo? Is it better or worse than the trisaber? Would you wield it? Head to the comments and tell us all your thoughts on the matter.

Images via and Wookieepedia

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  1. Salvadero says:


  2. Richard Starke says:

    Not a new idea, the lightsabre/blaster combo, Ulysses had one in the cartoon Ulysses 31, so it begs the question are Disney copying the copycats?

  3. WarTurtle says:

    Who says they die? It’s never outlined in the movies that Luke was the last Jedi. That came in the awesome expanded/Legends universe. Yoda and Obi Wan just said that he was their last hope. Easily written off as such because of his family heritage being such major players in the fate of the galaxy. Kannan and Ezra are Jedi sure, but they’re back-water nobodies without much clout.

    • Rich Richerson says:

      Very True he could be the last hope due to how strong the force is present in him. The others could all be much younger or weaker then luke.

  4. Brimfyre says:

    I want to get into this show but having Jedi in the Rebels just kills in for me. 
    First, you know how it is going to end for them. Not good.

    And it completely undermines Luke’s importance in the OT. This kid is going to end up doing amazing Force stuff, without a Master, where Luke needed two Jedi Masters to get to where he was at the End of RotJ.  Same problem with Force Unleashed.

    They had a really good opportunity here to focus on a part of the Star Wars universe we didn’t know much about and an important part about the forming of the Rebellion, but now it’s just another story about Jedi who will die before Episode IV.  Hooray.

    • J. says:

      If anything, I would say it only reinforces and strengthens Luke’s importance. It’s a time when Jedi are still alive. A scarce and sparse amount but they’re alive and a threat nonetheless. They could band together and rebel. Of course we know by the time the OT starts that only 2 trained Jedi exist. Where there was once some hope, it is now down to one individual. Yeah, it’s sad. But from the tragedy we will get to see how those that still believe in good will take the torch and fight on. I think that’s the point.

      Sure it’s not a perfect series but it’s seeking to fill the gaps. Which now, after the reset, we don’t know much about. It’s early in the series also. Look at TCW, that took awhile to get good.

      • Jimmyparrot256 says:

        It may end good for kanan and ezra. There are always force users around. Some like kanan could choose to stay hidden even while the events of episodes v-vi. Maybe the show will cover what they did in secret to help rebels through events of episodes v- vi. Then maybe Luke’s search for force users to restore the jedi will lead him to kanan and ezra. I think that would be cool.