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Floating Death Star Speaker Has Ultimate Power to Rock

“That’s no moon—it’s a speaker.”

Oh yeah, get ready for all sorts of awful/amazing Death Star speaker jokes, because I’ve got all my best/worst lines fully operational for this one.

We first spotted this floating Death Star speaker at Gizmodo, and now we can’t wait to to get our rebel hands on one (and then, eventually two more?) and start blaring John William’s “Imperial March” on it anytime we have unexpected guests stop by for a visit.

This levitating, spinning, wireless, bluetooth replica Star Wars Death Star speaker from hellosy has “10mm ground clearance,” glows in the dark, and has six to eight hours of battery life (you have to start the spinning manually though). From the looks of this it is nearly flawless, just so long as a tiny force of mosquitoes doesn’t fly into it and inexplicably blow the whole thing up.

Just think, with this little guy you can play your favorite jams at any party, and it will be as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in joy and were suddenly dancing. Some might argue a moment like that is priceless, but they did go ahead and put an amount on it anyway—you can currently get one for $219.99 (though the shipping cost of one penny seems like a bridge too far). You can see  a complete technical reading of this speaker here.

If you grab one just don’t blast it too loud, especially if you’re neighbors are a peaceful people.

What would be the best song to play on this speaker? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: hellosy

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