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Float in the Pool in Style with STAR WARS Rafts

Summer may be a distant memory in some parts of the world, but I know a few of you are still sweating and seeking escape from the heat by taking a plunge in a swimming pool. If you still have days of lounging by the water ahead or even if you just want to get ready for next summer, I’ve found the Star Wars pool rafts you’re looking for. Yes, it is possible to make even your pool accessories geeky these days. Isn’t it glorious?

I was surprised by the number of options on the market from companies like Intex and Jakks Pacific. They’ve got rafts, arm floaties, and chairs from every on-screen era of Star Wars from the prequels through The Clone Wars. Want to cruise around your pool in a landspeeder and pretend you’re Luke Skywalker? You can do that. Just remember it’s probably not the best idea to take lightsabers into the pool.

Pool raft - landspeeder

Maybe you’re more the Han Solo type. That’s cool because you can helm a Millennium Falcon inner tube style raft:

Pool raft - Millennium Falcon

I am not a water person, but the idea of using a Millennium Falcon raft was enough to get me in the water last summer. I traveled from one side of the pool to the other faster than Han did the Kessel Run.

The float options don’t stop there. You can also find: a podracer lounger, a Naboo starfighter float, a R2-D2 or Queen Amidala chair float, and a Clone Wars inflatable body board. You can see all of those styles in the below gallery. I want to buy all of them despite the fact that I don’t own a pool.

And one more that deserves a special shout-out: the Jar Jar two person ride-in float. Seriously.

Pool raft - jar jar binks

You can find most of the Star Wars rafts on Amazon.

HT: Laughing Squid

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