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FIST FIGHT Adds Another: MAD MEN’S Christina Hendricks Joins Cast

Christina Hendricks has plenty of experience dealing with men misbehaving in the workplace from her time on Mad Men, which is why she should feel right at home as the newest addition to the movie Fist Fight, a film about high school colleagues trying to punch each other in the face.

The comedy will star Charlie Day as a teacher that gets challenged to a fight by another teacher, played by Ice Cube. Hendricks will play a drama teacher who has some kind of romantic connection with Ice Cube’s character.

Hendricks’s addition is only the latest good news for the film, which recently announced Tracy Morgan will return to the big screen in the movie, playing a coach at the school. Morgan is finally returning to making us laugh after his horrible accident last year. He appeared at the Emmys last week, and will host Saturday Night Live on October 17th.

The cast will also include Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris and Jillian Bell from 22 Jump Street. No release date has been announced yet, but the movie is expected to start filming next month in Atlanta, and will be directed by Richie Keene, who has worked with Day on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Needless to say, the cast for Fist Fight is already pretty impressive, and we just hope it’s as funny as the fight that Hendricks’s co-workers had on her last show.

Of course, when it comes to funny, that might not be a fair standard to hold anything to.

What two Hollywood actors would you most like to see in a fistfight? Announce your two combatants in the comments right here.

Image: AMC

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