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First Virtual Reality Roller Coaster is a Battle to Save Earth from Aliens

Fighting to save the planet from an alien invasion sure has its share of ups and downs, along with plenty of drops and loop de loops. Well, it does when the battle for earth is part of a virtual reality roller coaster.

This weekend at Six Flags over Georgia, the very first VR roller coaster in the U.S. opened, and the video above gives us an idea of what it’s like to be in the cockpit of a virtual fighter jet as it dive bombs, evades, and even crashes during a battle with intergalactic invaders, all while you feel the real wind whipping in your face and actual g-forces pulling at you.

Six Flags worked with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus to equip Dare Devil Dive “with wireless headsets that allow guests 13 and older to enter a virtual world with high-resolution imagery and 360-degree views that synchronize to the action of the coaster.”

If you’re worried about the virtual world infringing on your real life experiences, or simply don’t think riding a roller coaster that has a 95-foot tall drop and reaches speeds of 55 miles per hour needs any enhancement, you can choose to ride it without the VR headset.

For those of you eager to try it, the experience is scheduled to come to eight more Six Flags parks this spring, and it doesn’t cost anything extra to try. The VR coaster is part of your normal cost of admission.

As for safety of you and your fellow “Patriots,” the headset, which is sanitized between every use, comes with “three straps–one around the head, one over the head and a chinstrap, along with a safety lanyard.” So it won’t come flying off in battle and recreate the opening to Final Destination 3.

Oh, and it will work both night and day. Because freedom never sleeps.

Are you eager to try this new VR roller coaster? Tell us why in the very real comments section below.

Images: Six Flags Magic Mountain/YouTube

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