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First-Person Sharlto Copley, Twitter’s 10th, Greg Proops: The Week In Podcasts

Another great week on the Nerdist Podcast Network? Yep. And… okay, yes, we did make one change from last Sunday’s preview (which is why I always add the subject-to-change disclaimer), but for a very good reason. Anyway, here’s what we did this week:

Sharlto Copley dropped by the Nerdist Podcast to talk about creating District 9, his new first-person-shooter movie (yes, movie) Hardcore Henry, stunts, the nexus of video games and movies, and failure’s role in ultimate success.

Over the weekend, we got that bonus Nerdist Podcast I mentioned last week, the audio of Chris’ Periscope chat with Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams and Biz Stone, founders of Twitter, on its 10th anniversary. There were great insights on how Twitter came to be, where it might be headed, and what it meant to Chris (and a lot of other people, too).

Greg Proops, the Smartest Man in the World, came on The Jonah Keri Podcast for a great conversation about comedy, politics, drugs, and — on this one, I guess it’s hard to avoid gloating about the Warriors and even-year Giants right now — San Francisco sports.

Okay, so, we promised Tom Papa AGAIN and AGAIN we brought you something else. But with good reason: In memory of the brilliant Garry Shandling, Pete wanted us all to remember him with another listen to his recent interview on You Made It Weird. Listening to that one helps you realize how great a comic mind Garry had.

Speaking of Garry, Justin Adler, creator of Life in Pieces, talked about his start on The Larry Sanders Show and the illustrious career he’s had in between on The Writers Panel.

In a show taped live at Wondercon, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche did Pop My Culture and, yes, you got plenty Pinky and the Brain and more amazing comic riffing. They’re always great, and this episode was no exception. Narf!

Jackie and Laurie went back to high school — Jackie’s high school, where she recently performed at an assembly, had lunch with the Mayor, and did standup in front of (some) family, friends, and guys who beat her up back in school days — on The Jackie and Laurie Show, and Laurie talked more about mom and son, they talked some more about online dating, and bullying (Jackie was “that girl,” Laurie helpfully points out), and more.

Also, Half Hour Happy Hour was also at Wondercon with guest Jerry Trainor; Comedian Lawrence Thomas took the couch on Cash Withdrawal; Jess ‘n’ Bowser examined the creepy Murder House here in L.A. — it’s for sale! — on Bizarre States; Kevin and Steve looked at the top movie henchmen on Chewin’ It; and Kent Osborne, writer-actor-producer-artist (Adventure Time and many others) on Love, Alexi.

More! Writer Rich Douek talked about his new comic Gutter Magic on Comic Book Club; The always funny Nick Thune dropped by The Barn for The Todd Glass Show; Shadowhunters‘ Katherine McNamara did the factual thing on Today We Learned; and Nikka Costa returned to referee the Elfmans’ marriage conversation on Kicking and Screaming.

It’s all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. So go there. Oh, and I might as well put this here: If you’re in radio, and I know some of you are, on April 14th at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, our own Katie Levine will join (our own) Jackie Kashian, (his own) Dave Anthony, and (the one and only) Alison Rosen for a panel I will be moderating on podcasting for radio types who are looking at what we’re doing and thinking, hmm, should I be doing that? You can register and see us all at Worldwide Radio Summit, along with a Who’s Who of radio and music industry people from around the world. It should be a lot more fun than your typical radio convention panel, but with this group, you’d expect that…..

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Powers, Sony Playstation Network

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