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First Next-Gen GTA ONLINE Update To Bring Heist Missions To All Platforms

Nope, that wasn’t pigs flying. That’s Rockstar Games confirming that we’ll finally be receiving those heist missions that they promised us when Grand Theft Auto Online originally launched back in October 2013. The online heist missions will become available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One when the first GTA Online update hits for the remastered versions. No word on exactly when that may be, but anything less than the year and change that we’ve already been waiting would be better. Rockstar has been taking their time with the highly anticipated feature so that the launch will be perfect, and far less shaky than when Grand Theft Auto Online originally dropped.

We’re just a week away from the remastered release of Grand Theft Auto V, which is bringing the incredible world of Los Santos to next-gen consoles with polished and upscaled visuals, as well as a sweet Fallout/Skyrim-like first-person mode. Of course, if you forgot some of the things you can do on Grand Theft Auto Online, here’s a list of fun activities for you and your friends to partake in while ripping and running through the hills of Vinewood and beyond.

Are you excited to hear about heist missions finally making their way to the game? Make your thoughts rain into the comments below.

[HT: Rockstar Games, NeoGAF]

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  1. fernando says:


  2. Jim says:

    Yeah that’s right Rockstar, sell me the same game with a graphical upgrade a year later and I’ll buy it. Yeah, right. What happens when I wait longer and longer for less and less from a developer? 

    • LT says:

      Uhhh, do you think that the 360 & PS3 could handle what they’re bringing out now? At least it’s actually improved rather than just a simple port, they’ve done a lot.

  3. Herman says:

    The first update is set for game launch. Rockstar never confirmed heists. The first update is for next gen only. It’s is to fix known bugs. it was stated on the Rockstar site You’ve all been duped to gain more user traffic for this site for monetizing.

  4. Britt says:

    I’m so glad they are finally making heisst available for 360. It took long enough.

  5. carson says:

    who the fuck is still playing this?

  6. Johnny says:

    Can’t wait wwwwhhhhoooo 

  7. Johnny says:

    I’m so glad and can’t wait bigg fan my whole room is gta5

  8. Steve says:

    Source? Nothing on rockstar’s twitter feed or website confirming this.

  9. Michael says:

    Its so stupid that only the new gen consoles get first person like hello. What about 360 and playstation 3

    • Shayde says:

      did you not read it? it said 360 and ps3… more than the title THEN comment. you look less like a dumbass that way.

    • Nick says:

      Current gen consoles don’t have enough memory and processing power for the first person update, it takes alot to put a game like GTA in first person

      • Ethan says:

        You do realize that putting a video game from thirdperson into first is just a matter of camera placement and maybe some new animations

        • matt says:

          I hope your trolling… If so, congrats, u got a response.   If your not trolling, your an idiot.  Do u really believe it’s as simple as moving the camera angle???  There is sooooo much more to it than that,  they had to create thousands of new animations, redo the interior of every single vehicle, completely change physics response for the pov.  Please do some research before spewing stupidity

    • Gta4PC says:

      like hello, the GPU in the 360 and ps3 is ten years old, it would look like a slide slow. Their hardware is now considered substandard budget garbage from a  tech standpoint. 

    • matt says:

      Next gen has been out for a year already…. GET A FUCKING JOB!  Seriously though,  how long do you really think they are going to continue to create content for the old gen systems???  Your getting left behind, the gaming world doesn’t care about you.   Suck it up buttercup

      • me says:


      • seb says:

        Matt The gaming world doesn’t care about any of us xD havn’t you realized this yet… the gaming world isn’t about performance, it’s about how much money they can make off of all the ppl who think the new shit is actually “new” …. and hasn’t been sitting on the shelf waiting for years, until the new shit aint so new anymore so they can make more money on it

        • seb says:

          my point being.. pretty much everything that is on the xbox one could have been on the 360….. but you wouldn’t have been able to sell 2 consoles if you did that

          xD basically everything we see, it’s 10 years behind what we actually have…. so they can make the most money out of it…. cuzz they want you to belive they came up with something new… but in reality it was just held back for the next system to boosts maximum profits

  10. mike says:

    About damn time but what pissed me off is that for over a year now we have been told this I honestly feel like it should be released for the 360 and ps3 first instead of the new consoles make them wait a year like we had to

    • brad says:

      Thats the dumbest shit i have EVER heard. Way to be a dumbshit mike…

    • Doug says:


    • Chris says:

      That’s a stupid idea considering a huge chunk of those ps4/xbox1 owners like myself have also been waiting a year because we bought it on last gen

    • steve says:

      Everyone waited a year numb nuts don’t be mad that you can’t afford a new system

      • matt says:

        GET EM!!!!! HAHAHA.  people need to get a fucking job…. or maybe it would be better said for them to do some more chores around the house.  Lmao

    • Koontang says:

      Yes, because only people with 360s and ps3 have been waiting…. jackass, I had the game for the 360, and now I have it for only the ps4, so tell me, why should I have to wait?

    • anonymous says:

      Cry us a river we all had to wait.

    • matt says:

      Your an idiot… u think all of us with current gen just decided one day we wanted to play games??? We all had 360/ps3.  We all had gtav on last gen. We waited,  and then we have to buy the game AGAIN.  So yea… we should get more Than your cheap broke ass!!!! Welfare America at its finest here.  You think you deserve something for doing nothing

      • Matt is a bitch says:

        Your a fucking douche bag Matt. You deserved whatever made you such a fuck. We get it, your a big badass that has a job and can afford a new gen. You also feel its okay to stamp someone with a stereotype. Get the fuck over yourself asshole.

    • john says:

      You must be a dumb fuck saying that we all had 360/ps3 and we all had GTA5 on it we all have been waiting a year idiot

  11. Matt says:

    GTA Online Launched on October 1, 2013 not September.

    • MattisIncorrect says:

      september 17, 2013. There was no time at any point in the world in which it was released in october.

      • Matt is infact correct.

        GTA V (single player) launched on September 17, but it wasn’t until October 1 that GTA Online was released and ready for play.

        • zeromc43 says:

          well heist are something we have been waiting for online, because as we all know , at least i think , that single player has a story and heist are in the story but at no time can you just choose to do a heist from a list of jobs like you can online which was released in October so Matt was not at all wrong , you’re just dumb ass fuck , because clearly he said online!