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See Joaquin Phoenix in Full JOKER Make-Up for the First Time

Update, 9/21/18:

Since the first image of Joaquin Phoenix as “Arthur” was released by director Todd Phillips on Sunday, fans have been speculating about what Phoenix would look like in Joker make-up. After all, the Clown Prince of Crime has had many looks in comics and on-screen. Wonder no longer because Warner Bros. released a camera test on Friday showing what Arthur will look like as the Joker–just wait until the end of the video. It’s a very classic clown look (and eerily reminiscent of John Wayne Gacy), and we don’t know how to feel about it.

Original post:

With Joaquin Phoenix out making the publicity rounds for The Sisters Brothers, folks have been taking his picture and speculating about him being in Joker physical condition. Was this going to be his look in the Joker origin movie? We need speculate no more, as Todd Phillips has revealed on his Instagram (via Polygon), exactly what Phoenix will look like onscreen. It’s not the character as the Joker yet, but his previous appearance before…well, we don’t know if toxic chemicals will play a part in bleaching his skin, or if they’ll go with the Heath Ledger “war paint” take.

But his hair is Ledger-length.


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And with a caption, Phillips confirms the character’s pre-clown name is Arthur. Via Screenrant, That Hashtag Show had previously reported he’d be named Arthur Fleck, so this could mean that other details they mentioned, like Arthur caring for his dying mother and Robert De Niro playing a TV talk show host could be accurate as well.

And then there’s this:

The premise of a failed comedian becoming the Joker is obviously derived from The Killing Joke, but as the entire movie is an origin story, it can sidestep the more problematic elements from the non-flashback elements of that comic, something Gotham recently deftly managed to navigate by making Alfred a victim of the Joker rather than Batgirl.

What do you think of Phoenix’s appearance so far? How many of you are Photoshopping the colors as we speak? Let us know in comments!

Image: DC Comics

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