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First Look at THE WOLF AMONG US Episode 2: SMOKE & MIRRORS

With the launch of Telltale’s wonderful Fables-inspired game The Wolf Among Us on iOS this week, it was only a matter of time until they gave those of us who had already played through it (multiple times) a preview of episode 2, “Smoke & Mirrors.” Today, Telltale gave us a taste of that sweet, sweet Fables nectar in the form of a pair of screenshots from the next chapter of the episodic adventure game, set to release in 2014. First up, a familiar face that Fables fans will definitely recognize – Jack! You know, the dude who climbed the beanstalk? Killed a giant? That Jack. Well, he’s back and chances are he’s going to be just as sleazy as you remember from the comics.


The second screenshot makes the most of The Wolf Among Us‘ decidedly neon color palette with a peek inside the seedy underground nightclub, the Pudding & Pie, which kind of sounds like a rejected pub from Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. Or maybe Shaun of the Dead, given that nasty looking cricket bat that Bigby’s wielding. It’s never good news when someone comes up behind you at a gentlemen’s club with a cricket bat…unless it’s that kind of gentlemen’s club, but I digress.


So, there you have it, Fables fans! Looking pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. Telltale will have an update on the ETA for The Wolf Among Us Episode 2’s release after the holidays, but chances are you’ll be busy playing The Walking Dead: Season Two, which comes back later this month.

What do you think of these screenshots? Are you looking forward to Episode 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. john says:

    The release of Ep2 got pushed toward first part of February… :\

  2. BigOrdeal says:

    I can’t recommend anyone buying a telltale game at this point. They’re games may be great, but they’re treating their customers terribly. Anyone who wants to throw money at this, go ahead.

  3. Emir says:

    Could someone tell me that when does this freakin holiday END !!!

  4. Mataytay says:

    If anybody gets more information or an ETA on the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, please share. I know that I would like to be informed and some whiners could be appeased. Thank you much!

  5. Vitix says:

    Been 3 months.. Kinda ready for Episode 2 to come out….

  6. its now 3rd of Jan 2014 and im still waiting for episode 2 of TWAU, its diabolical how long we have to wait for this short episode. Don’t get me started of TWD season 2 episode 1 it was diabolically crap in my opinion, way too short and totally nonsensical, SPOILER ALERT **** who the hell would lock up a lil girl in a shed overnight on the slim chance that she was bitten, then said girl steals everything she needs to sew and clean the bite, then proceeds to sew it up on her own no painkiller or anything (oh yeah a juice box), just like Rambo in that movie.

  7. Fredo says:

    It is pretty annoying how they keep pushing releases but to be honest I’d rather they released the walking dead season 2 first and it was pretty fucking good!!

  8. jorden says:

    My first telltale game and I’m blown away by it. As a truck driver it’s a great game to play over the road OTR

  9. Praetorian says:

    It’s neat that they’re having so much success, but we, the fans, are suffering for it. I adore Walking Dead season one, but have no interest in season 2. I’m not a Clementine fan, and don’t think after purchasing the season pass should have to wait 3 months between episodes so that they can work on other projects. It’s especially frustrating because they have done a very poor job of handling their balancing act, giving us zero information on when we can expect to get our money’s worth.

  10. david jordan says:

    I think it’s crazy we have paid a lot of money for this game and we have to wait this long for the 2nd episode. Now they are saying they will only let us know about how long it will be after the holidays! NO! I want the actual episode right after the holidays. I AM TIRED OF WAITING!!!!!!!!!

  11. TerribleDecisionMaker says:

    I don’t care how long the wait, telltale games are amazing. You have to appreciate the fact that telltale games are juggling 4 games at once here… All of which are/or will be massive hits.

    I waited over a year for the walking dead season 2, and my gosh was it worth the wait! Even though my hopes and dreams were shattered within the first 20 minutes of gameplay :/ Omid & christa <3

  12. Marvin says:

    Yeah thats waay too long waiting for the next episode.

  13. Mr Slaw says:

    I still think it’s pretty insane that they made everyone wait 3 months for the next episode.

  14. brotherTodd says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Jack’s appearance. It’s a love-hate thing…