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First Look at Melissa Benoist as SUPERGIRL

And just like that, things start to get all kinds of more real. We’ve known for a while that CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series would feature former Glee costar and standout in last year’s Oscar-winning Whiplash, Melissa Benoist, as Kara Zor-El (a.k.a. Superman’s cousin), but everything is theoretical until an official image is released. Today, we got two. Much like the costumes for Arrow and The Flash, the Supergirl costume was designed by Academy Award-winning designer Colleen Atwood who continues her trend of making the costumes functional and yet true to the original comic book image. Take yourself a gander… or take a gander yourself, whichever you prefer.



Welp, I’d say she’s Supergirl. I think my favorite part of the whole thing is it captures the feel of the comic book iteration without it being needlessly cheesecakey. For example, her legs are covered. Yeah, seems a small thing, but not when you’re out flying around saving people and putting out fires with your ice breath or whatever. Women can be sexy and still dress sensibly. Comic books, yo.

The pilot production has already announced a huge slew of costars, including Mehcad Brooks (Jimmy Olsen), Calista Flockhart (Cat Grant), Chyler Leigh (Alexandra “Alex” Danvers), David Harewood (Hank Henshaw), Faran Tahir (The Commander), and former Superman and Supergirl Dean Cain and Helen Slater as unannounced characters. It’s going to be very interesting, and given that the show will have the same creatives as the CW’s two hits (executive producers/writers Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg), the idea of Benoist’s Kara living in the same universe as Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, et al, is just too exciting to begin to describe.

What are your thoughts on Supergirl’s TV look? Pretty neat, eh? Let’s talk about it intelligently below.

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  1. CRT says:

    Finally! A TV Supergirl that wears pantyhose!

  2. Tiffin says:

    I watched the movie with Helen Slater as Supergirl, too many times to count as a little girl.  That was the Supergirl I was introduced to, and I’ll always like her.  I love that she wears a skirt, I LIKE to wear skirts and it actually covers more than a skin-tight body suit would.  I also love the super high boots as well.  As for the coloring, in the New 52 and the Man of Steel, both say that the costume is part of their family and given to them at a certain point in their lives.  That’s why it’s the same coloring as Superman’s Man of Steel costume.

  3. Leon says:

    Needs more Flash

  4. epobirs says:

    Almost any iteration is better than the bizarre diaper design of the current version.

    In practical terms, a mid-thigh skirt with hot pants seems the best approach to an eye-catching but not grossly flashy look. Any woman who flies and isn’t an exhibitionist probably wants something more substantial than briefs under the skirt. OTOH, this is a character who has invulnerability among her primary traits. Having her dress lightly is a good counter-part to a character like Bat-girl, who has good reason to armor up. Especially since they’re inevitably going to be paired up, when Power Girl and Huntress aren’t covering that beat.

  5. sean says:

     what a dowdy looking horrible costume it looks like she has a gut on her , URGH 

  6. damocles74 says:

    I was one of those who hated the Wonder Woman outfit for the failed pilot and as for the movie I hate the choice for actress. This looks like a great combination and can’t wait to see it.

  7. Adam Wilson says:

    I am a little closer to Kyle on this, Brian. I think it is an age appropriate costume for this iteration of Supergirl and it looks more like it is meant to fit into the Arrow/ Flash style then a direct MOS copy.
    While I do share your love of the white t-shirt style, it would be a production nightmare when dealing with shot continuity. 
    Thanks for sharing duel perspectives on the costume. Peace.

  8. poiboy says:

    standoutbin whiplash.. hardly. looking forward to this though. red tights above boots.. meh. 

  9. ErikMarie says:

    I know loads of people complained about her on Glee but I liked her and I’m enthusiastic about another DC show. 

  10. Morphos says:

    Sorry, Supergirl is WAY more busty 😛

  11. tony says:

    why does she even need to wear the skirt?????why not just pants? and not shorts. i think we’re way past the sexy superhero look. besides fanboys will get that with WW.

    • PheFo says:

      I KNOW, RIGHT?! Nobody wears skirts. And don’t get me started on shorts. That’s just stupid. I like where you’re going with this idea, but I think we can take it even further. She’s still showing WAY too much skin for my discerning taste as well. And as you said, we’re way past the sexy superhero look. So let’s put her in a turtleneck and get some gloves to cover up those hands. While we’re at it, lets move the “S” off of her chest. It draws too much attention to her naughty bits. We can put it on her purse. Like a little sew on patch. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s still too slutty!” So…how about a burqa instead? That would nearly solve all our problems! We would have to be careful, though. Sometimes you can clearly see their ankles peaking out from underneath. We can CGI that out in post if we need to. This is in no way a stupid idea. It’s good that us “true fans” know what we’re talking about. Unlike those perverted, degenerate “fanboys.”

    • JP says:

      Agreed. Ditch the skirt. Give her a full suit like the big man and honestly, can we ditch the perfect hair? I almost feel she’d be sexier with a ponytail or something. It’s hard to fight crime when you’re hair is in your face.

  12. Marcelo says:

    The Justice League is startting to get real!!