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FIGURES OF ACTION Gives You the Toys You’ve REALLY Wanted

With this year’s San Diego Comic-Con finally behind us, fans are either sitting at home staring in awe at the exclusive figure they were able to pick up, or anxiously awaiting their eBay auction to end so they can sell theirs at twice the cost. Artist Jason Brockert, however, has found a new way to enjoy action figures without taking up space in your closet.

Working with iam8bit, Jason is hosting a solo exhibition at their Los Angeles art gallery called “Figures of Action.” The show features Jason not only drawing still lifes of iconic action figures, but also taking pop culture mainstays past and present and turning them into action figures themselves. Here is just a taste of what his show has in store.

George RR Martin

If you were able to get your hands on a real version of this George RR Martin figure, you’d be able to pretend he’s finishing the books on time as much as you want!

Golden Girls

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to put Rose, Blanche, Sofia, and Dorothy in their Batmobile and have THEM take on the Joker? This one’s a given.

You can check out more pictures in the gallery below. To see the entire collection, as well as order prints, check out iam8bit’s website here.

So which of these paintings is your favorite? Is there another pop culture icon you’d like to see in action figure form? Let me know on Twitter or stop me from taking my figures out of the package in the comments below.

Images: Jason Brockert


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