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Figures and Speech: Spider-Man Marvel Legends Sandman Wave, Featuring Kamala Khan

Figures and Speech: Spider-Man Marvel Legends Sandman Wave, Featuring Kamala Khan

Welcome to Figures and Speech, Nerdist’s regular column by, for, and about grown-ups who still play with their toys but might want to know more before they buy. From product reviews to informed editorials, these are most definitely the articles that’ll make you want to strike a pose.

Say your prayers, you toy fan, look as hard as you can for Kamala Khaaaaaan

She’ll be hard to find, so unkind, get you in a bind, to collect the Sandmaaaaaan…

Keep your eyes wide open…

Buy her at your first sight…


Okay, no more Metallica jokes. Sandman is the build-a-figure in this wave, and if Kamala Khan weren’t already set to be the most popular figure in the set, the fact that she comes with his torso piece makes her even more so. The only inessential figure in the set for completing Sandman is black costume Spider-Man, who comes with alternate hammer and spiked mace hands for ol’ Sandy. They do make him more visually interesting, but if you just want the regular hands version you don’t absolutely need him.


Like the Dormammu build-a-figure in the recent Doctor Strange wave, a version of this Sandman was released prior in a Comic-Con exclusive set. As part of the Raft multipack, he came in a brown on brown color scheme with normal, human arms. The BAF adds sand hands, as well as an alternate, battle-damaged head.


Making Ms. Marvel even easier to see on the pegs, and thus get snapped up quickly, her packaging has a different, unique logo. She’s technically part of the Spider-Man wave, but presumably because she’s so important in representing fans who don’t see themselves in many comic-book characters, they’re not branding her as merely a friend of Spider-Man.


The packaging is as collector-friendly as I think I’ve ever seen from Hasbro. If you’re careful peeling off the tape, it’s possible to remove the figure undamaged, and the package intact. Not just on Kamala, but all of them.


Most of the figures in this wave have double-jointed elbows; the exceptions are Sandman, because he’s bulky, and Kamala, whose arms detach at the elbow so you can replace her regular forearams for extended ones. The extended ones, however, lack the wrist articulation of her “normal” hands.


The Spidey variants–Spider-Man 2099, Spider-UK, and Black Costume Spider-Man, have additional articulation: back and forth “pec flexes.”


One thing to watch on the Spideys is plastic warp. My Black Spidey’s legs are permanently in an arch/horse-riding position, and I think they’re supposed to be straighter. As for Spider-UK, look closely at that right elbow articulation.


It ought to be a straight joint, but as you can tell, it’s a bit twisted. Which is fine if you don’t mind him in this pose.

Spider-Man 2099, however, is poseable like a boss.


The most elaborate figure in the wave, though, is Green Goblin. Complete with glider and pumpkin bomb, all he’s really missing is a flight stand. But never mind; there are plenty of third-party offerings on that score.


It’s a pretty classic Goblin, with a face that bears at least a passing resemblance to one of the major actors who’s played him. If you’ve never owned a figure of the character, this might be the one to get. Even if you have, he beats any recent incarnation I’ve seen and you might want to level up.


Shocker, undoubtedly making the cut due to his heavily rumored appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, is nearly as poseable as the spideys, and uses repurposed Doctor Strange spell-cast effects nicely as shockwaves.


If the movie rumors turn out to be true, we may see a more detailed Shocker later in the year. In the meantime, this is a good, classic rendition.


Jackal is a character i’m not familiar with at all, and from a distance, he looked like an anorexic Abomination. In hand, however, I like him a whole lot more than I thought.


Even an all-fours pose is workable.


Here’s Sandman with the alternate head and hands, surrounded by the whole wave. The Spideys are a mater of taste (and discerning eye to spot warpage), but all the villains and Ms. Marvel are as good as the Legends line gets these days.


Sandman is relatively large compared to standard human figures, but that’s okay–he can get large. If you want to build him, best of luck in the hunt! While each figure runs around $20 if you find them at big box retailers, you can save time (and get only a slight mark-up) by ordering a whole set at retailers like Big Bad Toy Store, and if you’re set on getting Sandman, I strongly suggest it.

Who’s your favorite in the set? Tweet me @LYTrules or leave a comment below to talk toys with me.

Images: LYT for Nerdist

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