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Figures and Speech: DC Collectibles WONDER WOMAN on Horseback Movie Statue

Figures and Speech: DC Collectibles WONDER WOMAN on Horseback Movie Statue

Welcome to Figures & Speech, Nerdist’s regular column by, for, and about grown-ups who still play with their toys but might want to know more before they buy. From product reviews to informed editorials, these are most definitely the articles that’ll make you want to strike a pose. Click on all images to enlarge for detail.

This is a column about toys, but for the most part, that usually means action figures. I’ve made exceptions for model kits and vehicles, but I wasn’t initially thinking about statues, though they are a kind of figural representation. (And you should can the jokes about McFarlane Toys; you might not be the first toysplainer to tell me “Well, actually, they’re really statues rather than action figures,” but I do hope you’ll be the last, kthx.)

But when DC Collectibles say to you (and I’m paraphrasing rather than directly quoting), are you SURE you don’t want to take a look at our Wonder Woman movie statues? I say, “Okay, yes, I’d be delighted to.” And a couple of days later, a really large box arrives on the doorstep.


Those are 18-inch Batman V Superman figures, by the way. And…you know what? Never mind. Let me show you how big the box is by posing my wife with it.


She’s used to all manner of boxes showing up on our doorstep, but this one was a record. And there wasn’t a lot of padding inside, so the actual statue box is almost as big as the DHL box.


The completed statue stands almost 18 inches tall, and yes, some assembly is required. But not much. Still, just in case you don’t know how four obvious pieces fit together, instructions are included.


Packing is secure, but nonetheless easy enough to remove the statue pieces from.

The base is individually numbered on the bottom, and I assume “AP” means “Artist’s Proof.”


The base on the upside is nicely textured to look like rocks and gravel, translucent bits to look like the dust the horse is kicking up, and four Wonder Woman logos equidistant around the border so that you’ll see one up front no matter how you choose to display it.


The horse plugs into the base with two metal rods. The bigger rod goes into a hole that has a soft “washer” surrounding it–now, I know from experience with McFarlane Toys that this may wear out over time, and might need filling with glue when that day comes. But let’s hope it’s a ways off.


Horsey tail plugs into horsey butt…


…and Diana’s sword-wielding arm attaches below the elbow.


You can tell that her gear is pretty detailed.


The statue is made of polystone, and based on a pose specifically captured on set (of Gal Gadot on an actual horse) for this specific collectible. It’s all pretty stiff and solid, though the reins under the horse’s chin, and Wonder Woman’s lasso, have a bit of flexibility and give.


While the horse’s eyes have an appropriately glassy look to them, its body overall looks more like a metal sculpture than actual animal fur. By contrast, Wonder Woman has more of a skin-tone and texture reminiscent of the best action figures on the market currently.


She’s 1/6 scale, which means about the size of a 12-inch action figure. I don’t have too many of those accessible right now, as you’ll see in the next picture, but I did need one to show scale, so…


Those 12-inch Jakks WWE figures were pretty good, weren’t they? I keep hoping Mattel will do more and they never have. But back to Wonder Woman.


How good a likeness it is to Gal Gadot depends a lot on what angle you’re looking at.


It may not be initially apparent, as a statue by definition wears slightly different makeup. But I can see her in there if I look carefully.


She’s not like any woman you’ve ever met before.


The costume is fully detailed and has a metallic sheen. The paint job overall is impeccable.


Notice, too, how the horse is circling and leaning into the turn. It’s an extra-dynamic factor that makes the whole piece look more like a freeze-frame of action than something static.


Wonder Woman on horseback is one of three movie statues DC Collectibles is putting out. The others are Diana in Amazon training gear, and Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor. They range from $120 (Diana) to $350 (WW on horseback).


So indeed, they’re not cheap, but they’re a great way to show your fandom, and a great gift for a superfan if you’re feeling generous. And if the movie is as good as people are saying, there will be superfans aplenty. Like Edge.


Will you hold out for action figures, or is a statue the perfect way to honor a super-heroine who began life as a clay statue anyway? Let’s discuss, either in comments or on Twitter, where I’m @LYTrules.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson

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