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Fight to Survive and Win a Copy of AFTER THE DARK

Inevitably, the dystopian future will be completely game-ified, if The Hunger Games and The Running Man and Battle Royale and so forth have even a grain of truth to them (of course they do!) Well, the future is NOW. With the upcoming release of After the Dark, we’re inviting you to a Battle Royale of sorts: five lucky winners will get to live and receive a voucher for a copy of the film. You can check out the trailer here.


From the press release:

“What starts as an experiment, turns into a desperate fight for survival, when a group of twenty college students must determine which ten of them are worthy to take shelter underground and reboot the human race. Live or Die, Survive or Perish with the new thought-provoking film AFTER THE DARK – Rent it tonight with iTunes. Rated R.”

To enter, comment below with your favorite apocalypse genre.


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  1. Tabitha says:

    I enjoy post apocalyptic tales that explore the lengths poeple will go for survival, and how societies will be reborn. EG Hunger Games, Walking Dead, Divergent.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Zombie apocalypse or dystopian like in the book “The Giver.”

  3. Alberto says:

    My favorite apocalypse genre would be where society collapses on itself, sort of like this movie, due to limited resources, no power, no communication. Civilized society is a fragile thing.

  4. Tina says:

    I like things along the lines of IRobot. Some kind of techy uprising is always interesting, although anything scientific works. Attempted altered emotional states leading to attacks from the test subjects reacting poorly to the experiment (a la Serenity’s back story for Reavers) or something like that is always good, too.

  5. Sean C. says:

    I’m going with good old fashioned all out nuclear war between super powers. It seems hopeless and depressing to try and survive on a destroyed planet where fallout has blocked out the sun and radioactive ash falls like snow.

  6. Sean C. says:

    I’m going with good old fashioned all out nuclear war. It seems very hopeless and depressing to try and survive on a destroyed planet where fallout has blocked the sun and radioactive ash falls like snow.

  7. Sarah Grace says:

    I like films with survivalist apocalypse themes, Mad Max. After the fall of the World economy or global shortage of resources.

  8. J. Morse says:

    The Nerdocalypse, where all of the Fandoms become so powerful they subjugate the few non-fandomites, and form super clans who eventually go to war against each other. Destroying the world leaving one Doctor Who fan as the last of the fandomites. Also governs stupidity giving rise to super virus, that either kill or turn you into horrible things like zombies, monsters, twilight fans ect…

  9. I love stories dealing with failure of technology or technological singularity. Slow collapse always makes a better story. I also enjoy seeing how people rebuild. The way authors mix up histories and turn them into myths after a collapse. The Fallout series would be my one nuclear holocaust story, in game form. The Walking Dead is the only zombie story I was ever interested in. The details of that world seem to fit what I think a survivor/zombie story should look like.

  10. Robert Lee says:

    I think the Zombie genre offers up a whole lot in terms of commentary on the human condition. That’s why I love it so much.

  11. Marissa Lynette says:

    I lean toward global conditions.

  12. Holly Wilson says:

    i like the zombie thing…but i dont want the zombies in my *end of the world thing* to be able to run or swim….. maybe they even have to crawl – my end of the world game – my rules 🙂

  13. Tyler Powell says:

    Mine would have to be a human based/self-annihilation scenario. Imagine all the lights went out and everything powered dosent work like in the series Revolution. Everyone fights for their own rise to power.

  14. jerry camp says:

    I’d love to see Niven’s ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’ made into a miniseries…comet destroys one hemisphere, global conditions screwed, man v. man for scarce resources.

  15. C Lovell says:

    Wait, I have to pick one? I kinda like the apocalypse via natural disaster, or via mysterious epidemic….

  16. larry bowman says:

    i loved me some this is the end but mostly love the alien apocalypses the best

  17. Potato says:

    My favorite apocalypse is apocalypse-by-stupid-thing.

    Like this:

  18. Matt Hendrick says:

    Post global-pandemic futures like “Survivors” on BBC.

  19. Juan Pablo says:

    For me, the TOTAL ANNIHILATION scenario (nuclear, asteroid, solar flare, polar shift, etc.) has always grabbed my attention. Unlike a virus or zombie-type apocalypse where the survivors still have some resources/shelter, I find it more bleak and exciting to see survivors try and live in a world where there is nothing left.

  20. Jesse Trinkle says:

    Distant future dystopia apocalypse, like Thundarr.

  21. Jacque says:

    Cybernetic revolt/Robot uprising is my favourite apocalypse genre

  22. The Sparkey One says:

    I still love me some Zombies.

  23. samantha says:


  24. My favourite apocalypse genre is that related do actual physical planet conditions, as told in movies like “Knowing”. I’d like to think that this is a credible way of ending things.