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Feel the Atomic Awesomeness of the GODZILLA Trailer

Who would have guessed that combining a gorilla, a whale, and postwar fears about the repercussions of atomic warfare would result in one of the most iconic on-screen characters of all time? Yet, here we are on the cusp of Godzilla’s sixtieth anniversary with a brand new Gareth Edwards-helmed Godzilla feature on the way from Legendary Pictures. Today, we get our first taste of the film, which stars Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ken Watanabe. Will it be analyzed as relentlessly as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer? Will it tease Godzilla 2: The Rise of Mothra? Will we get to glimpse the King of All Monsters? Watch for yourself and find out.

Pretty sweet, right? I saw it a few weeks ago in a giant theater on the Warner Bros. lot, and I’ve had to bite my tongue pretty hard until then, so I’m glad the rest of the world can experience Godzilla‘s mighty majesty now too. The trailer will also be running in front of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but even if you’re not a Hobbit fan, it might be worth it to go hear that amazing roar on Dolby Atmos speakers. Seriously — I got chills. Gareth Edwards hopes you enjoyed it too, and to prove it he recorded a special trailer launch day message.

And be sure to stay after the credits for the big screen Godzooky cameo you’ve been waiting for since the late seventies. Just kidding – or am I? Anything could happen with these new viral images circulating as well.


For more on what to expect from Godzilla, check out my interviews with the cast from Comic-Con (skip to 3:28):

What do you think of the Godzilla trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Clifford Padilla says:

    GOJIRA!!!! GOJIRA!!! GOJIRA!!!!!!

  2. Matt Havola says:

    The Halo jump was cool. Hope its going to be badass. If they focus on some actor or actress , then it will be a epic fail. Focus on Godzilla !

  3. Gary says:

    Too freaking awesome. I cannot wait!

  4. Dan Casey says:

    @mick – Thanks, man. My brain is fried this morning. Made the correction.

  5. Sporin says:

    LOOKS amazing, I just hope they can finally do a great story around it.

  6. Jon says:

    Where’s Matthew Broderick?!?!?!?!

  7. Zach says:

    Say my name.
    You’re Goddamn right.

  8. Ajaxxx says:

    Shouldn’t the initial commander have ended his speech to the paratroopers with “Good Night and Good Luck”…

  9. mick says:

    Gareth Edwards not Evans

  10. T_ says:

    I am a BIG fan of Kaiju and Godzilla films…it looks very dark and I am intrigued.
    Not sure about Godzilla’s roar…sounds a bit wonky…don’t mess with the ROAR!