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Feast Your Eyes on Exclusive Screenshots of Bane in LEGO DIMENSIONS

It’s hard to believe, but the time has finally come; a new trio of LEGO Dimensions fun packs is finally here! This rounds out the first five planned waves of the additional content for TT Games’ excellent toys-to-life action-adventure game (which if you didn’t know already, we absolutely loved). Since the game’s launch back in September, we’ve seen level packs based on Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Portal 2, Midway Arcade, and our personal favorite, Doctor Who. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. The company also released fun packs featuring the likes of Legolas (Lord of the Rings), Bart Simpson, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters) and more. The brand new packs out today feature the highly anticipated Slimer (Ghostbusters), Lloyd (Ninjago), and Bane–which we just so happen to have exclusive in-game images of!

As we’ve mentioned in the past, each fun pack comes with a build-able mini-figure, and a vehicle (which can be rebuilt up to three times) or gadget. In addition to physical content, each expansion unlocks a corresponding Adventure World in the game.

The Bane pack–which joins fellow DC packs that featured Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Joker & Harley, Superman, and Cyborg–includes a Bane figurine, and his 3-in-1 Drill Driver. Like previous characters, Bane comes equipped with a gadget and a couple of special abilities which can be used in the main campaign. As Bane, you’ll be able take advantage of Hazard Protection, Big Transform, or Super Stealth abilities to solve puzzles. The versatile Drill Driver can transform into the Dig ‘n Drill and the Bane Drill ‘n Blast for upgraded in-game abilities.


Next up is the the Slimer pack. This comes with the infamous Ghostbusters character, who has the ability to fire his Hot Dog and activate his Boomerang, Sonar Smash, Flying, Dive, Hazard Clean, Illumination, Mini Access and Hazard Protection to solve puzzles. To top it off, Slimer also comes with the Slime Shooter, which transforms into a Slime Exploder and Slime Streamer.

Last but not least is the LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack. Picking up this one will score you a Lloyd minifigure, two Golden Katanas and rebuildable 3-in-1  Golden Dragon. With Lloyd’s Golden Katanas, players will be able to activate his special Spinjitzu, Illumination, Acrobat, Laser Deflector and Stealth abilities to solve puzzles and become the ultimate Ninja. The epic Golden Dragon can transform into a Sword Projector Dragon and Mega Flight Dragon.

To get a better look at what’s releasing, check out our exclusive gallery of images below, and check out a special unboxing video, featuring our own Jessica Chobot!

Will you be grabbing these? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Twitter, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka!

Images: TT Games/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


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