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FEaB #5: Full Frontal Foodity

Your eyes and ears are not deceiving you. There is a new FEaB. Rejoice.

This time around, the guys talk about food. There are menu discussions. Also, Chris Hardwick makes a cameo apperance, sounding Dalek-like on the phone. Think of this one as a “cheat day,” or maybe a cheat hour-and-eight-minutes.

(Art: Dana Lechtenberg)

Because Science

Because Science : What are the Scariest Things that …

Vampire Madness Erupts in Trailer for HOUSE HARKER

Vampire Madness Erupts in Trailer for HOUSE HARKER

We’re in Love with THE GOOD DINOSAUR Concept Art

We’re in Love with THE GOOD DINOSAUR Concept Art



  1. Carl says:

    New FEAB? Well that made MY weekend!

  2. Steve From Accounting says:

    A) You should do more in Portland Sir(s).
    B)iMass —too obvious?
    C) Thank you for making my chemo not suck for an hour.

  3. Patod says:

    Scott, I think the movie you were thinking about that was shot in Super 16 was Moonrise Kingdom?

  4. Joe Vichich says:

    I got to the part about the HEX value. I’m familiar with HEX and web colors so I went to photoshop. You can’t have just four digits so:

    ’00feab’ is a minty teal

    ‘feab00’ is a pumpkin orange

  5. matttttt says:

    loving FEAB!
    kekp it up!!

  6. TimelordSS says:

    Been waitin on this for QUITE a long time, much love Scott and Matt, much love.

    Please please please try not to be forced apart for this long again. We all understand that you are both busy people, but there’s got to be time to hang and make a podcast every now and again 😀

    (I probably sound like a demanding jerk, but just know that I think you guys are awesome)

  7. YoMtvFaps says:


  8. Curtis says:

    Good news and bad news.

    Good news – There is someone that Matt should know from Vancouver, WA – Michael Reed Barratt, Astronaut. Also C.S. Lee (Masuka from Dexter)as well as Rian Lindell from the Buffalo Bills are from Vancouver.

    Bad news – No Mos listed. Sad.

  9. jonah says:

    Matt Mira has the fastest laugh on the globe..priceless

  10. Cesar says: