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FEaB 11: Ice Cream Social

Wow, another FEaB! Right after the last one! Might Scott and Matt be getting on schedule now? One can only hope, if one is the guy who has to post these things here at Nerdist. Anyway, you’ll be hearing it before I hear it, so you’ll know what they talk about before I do. You’re lucky that way.

Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg, of course.

Because Science

Because Science : What are the Scariest Things that …

Vampire Madness Erupts in Trailer for HOUSE HARKER

Vampire Madness Erupts in Trailer for HOUSE HARKER

We’re in Love with THE GOOD DINOSAUR Concept Art

We’re in Love with THE GOOD DINOSAUR Concept Art



  1. Alec says:

    The best Bond villain is Hippocrates Noah.

  2. Sean says:

    Lost it at the PA announcements, you guys are fantastic.

  3. Crump'sBrother says:

    First I want to say how much I like this podcast. I’m not articulate enough to verbalize a standing ovation, but know that you guys deserve it. The show is entertaining and I look forward to it.

    Secondly, I now realize that in the late 80’s I was a Porno Claus (Kris Tingle, Ol’ Saint Dick, Father Jizmas). The father of my best friend in junior high was a crazy porn collector. He had hundreds of magazines and videos stored in the room above their garage. This was his “den” and we weren’t allowed in there. So, of course, when he wasn’t around we would sneak in for a look. After almost getting caught a few times we decided we needed a better way to enjoy his porn. He wouldn’t miss a couple magazines, so we each grabbed a favorite and hunted our small town for a place to stash. We settled on the old, rarely used picnic pavilion in the park adjacent to our school. We (as 7th graders) were allowed to use that park, unsupervised, during school lunch break. We could look at our porn all week long! Of course we showed off to the guys in our class which resulted in theft of our stolen porn. So every few weeks we would have to replace. We did this successfully for the entire school year without getting caught. My friend moved the following summer ending porn in the park, but I retained the notoriety I had gained for my role for some time. Thanks FEAB for allowing me to revisit this period of my life.

  4. Matt says:

    I have to say I felt the same way about TDKR, I wanted to love it but the end kinda killed it for me…

  5. my_leisure says:

    I don’t think they even wrap broken ribs anymore. Funny show guys

  6. romtin says:

    Woo hoo. That was super quick! Thx guys

  7. amysrevenge says: