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Farewell Robin Williams

We are incredibly sad and heartbroken to have to even write something like this. Hearing of the passing of anyone is terribly tragic, more so that they’re gone before their time, but it seems so much more painful this time. It can’t possibly be real, can it? Not Robin Williams; not the man who brought so much joy to so many in his almost 40-year career on film and television. For all of us here at Nerdist, Williams was a ball of livewire energy who would explode into a character and create magic through his timing, his way with words, his smile, his heart. We’re all children of the ’80s and ’90s and Robin Williams was and is a huge part of that. He was Peter Pan; he was the Genie; he was Mork.

Williams was more than just a comedian and an entertainer in family movies; he was also a very accomplished actor of drama. He was nominated for four Oscars in his career, for Good Morning Vietnam in 1987, Dead Poets Society in 1990, The Fisher King in 1991, and for Good Will Hunting in 1997 for which he finally won. Those are but a glimpse at the kind of deep and varied roles he took in his over 100 film and television roles. We were always excited when Robin Williams was in a movie, no matter the role, because we knew what his name would mean.

It’s impossible to put into words exactly what someone like that can mean to a generation of young people. Who among us hadn’t seen Aladdin, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, etc. etc. a thousand times? Robin Williams’ boundless energy, deep well of talent, and ability to light up a stage or a screen with his very grin was and is unmatched. The world is a lot darker, drabber, and less exciting today without him.

Perhaps an over-quoted clip, but we’ll leave you with a sentiment that rings incredibly true today as ever. Robin Williams was 63, and he left a very long and beloved verse indeed.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, please don’t be afraid to seek help. You are not alone. The National Suicide Hotline Prevention lifeline is 1.800.273.8255.

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  1. Norman LaCoste says:

    Has Chris said anything about him in any of the podcasts yet? If so which one? 

  2. Chuck W. says:


  3. Kat ^-^ says:

    R.I.P. Robin Williams July 21 1951-August 11 2014

    I can’t see to type for the tears. I can’t believe what I’m reading. I didn’t know him personally but I feel I’ve lost a dear friend. This is the amazing and rare quality that Robin Williams possessed. He let us into his heart and he stole our hearts in doing so. Robin Williams has made me laugh since the first time I saw him. His gentle soul, kind and generous spirit, and his enormous talent made him so endearing. He was the undisputed master of the uncanny ability to ad lib non stop hilarity. He was one of the most beloved actors and comedians of our time. 
    Sadly some of our most talented comedians and actors are, at heart, tortured souls battling depression, addiction, and multiple issues. This is the genesis of some of their greatest work. As Robin Williams once said “You have to laugh not to cry.”  His longtime friend Jonathan Winters was another amazing comedian who suffered from depression. They used to spend hours together playing with toys in his attic, nurturing their inner child. Thinking of them playing together, I can’t help but smile through the tears. 
    He brought so much joy to this world and made us laugh like no other person could.  His amazing legacy of brilliant humor, incredible acting, boundless exuberance along with such kindness, and generosity will live on forever.Today the world is a darker place, but I close my eyes and see Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters cracking each other up and playing with toys and I’m back in my happy place.    
    Rest easy kind and gentle soul.  May you now and forever have the peaceful tranquility that eluded you in life.  Though you left us too soon, the seeds of joy you’ve sown continue to grow and spread joy to our world. Thank you. 
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
    Please reach out to anyone you know who is at risk.   Anyone suffering from depression, addiction, isolation, illness, the loss of someone, or under stress.   Let’s not lose another friend.  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255…Please share.  It could help someone else and Robin’s death may not be in vain.

  4. Gary Ancheta says:

    Depression is a fucking liar.  It tells you you are worthless over and over again and it takes away the best and the brightest.  And even if you think you have it beat…even if you live a life where everyone finds joy and happiness in what you do…it can still claim your life.  By lying to you.  This makes me profoundly sad.

  5. Paggliacci says:

    So who’s next? My money’s on Jim Carey.

  6. Flavia Otole says:

    Robin Williams posts tragic farewell before death 🙁

  7. Vern says:

    Stunned to hear of Robin Williams’ suicide.

    A phenomenal talent. He had a warmth on screen that gave depth to his comedy, that could make you forgive weak material, and that brought a truth to his dramatic work that was often heartbreaking.

    In his comedy, one could see his brain running off, his mouth doing its best to catch up, his co-stars left standing waiting for him to stop, trying to hold it together.

    A visceral and dangerous performer, able to be so gentle, Garp, Seize The Day, and yet, on a dime turn and be truly threatening, The Fisher King, that burst of grief/rage in Good Will Hunting.

    I said the same about Rik Mayall, but it is true here, also. However great a performance was, there was always the feeling that the best was yet to come.

    A real loss, gone too soon. Rest In Peace.

  8. Kyle says:

    I am heartbroken by the passing of Robin Williams as are many people who got to experience his boundless talent throughout the years. He was a father, friend, and entertainer who brightened everyone’s life with such great energy and enthusiasm. The world has lost a wonderful human being at a time when we need more people the likes of him. May he rest in eternal peace in a place of love and warmth. Thank you Mr. Williams for all the times you made me laugh and enjoy the greater things in life. I will always cherish the fun memories you created during your amazing career. Farewell.

  9. Christopher says:

    This really makes the world a bit of a darker place. I know he’s dealt with his own person trials over the years, but I had really hoped that someone of his caliber would always be able to keep them in their place, so they could live a long life.

    On one of the news shows tonight, someone said that Robin Williams was one of the few comedians that was so unique, no one could copy him.

    Sadly, in the area of addiction and depression, they’re going to have to be proven wrong.

  10. alpha says:

    i wish his family an his friends consolation in this hard time!

    I liked seeing Robin Williams acting in some of his movies and I am unhappy about this end of his life.

    rest in peace

  11. Tina Koestner says:

    Dear Mr. Williams:I wrote you (or Mork) when I was a child to tell you how much I loved how you made me laugh. Through the years, I meant to tell you again and again how much you touched me. You could make me laugh like I was a kid again, with full abandon and such glee I couldn’t stop even when my stomach ached. You brought such depth to your dramatic roles that I would cry until my eyes were swollen. 
    When I would hear about your appearance on any show- as a character or a guest who was invited to just be himself (which were my personal favorites)- I always tuned in because I knew that whatever ride you were about to take me on, it would be a great one. 
     In this age of social media, I took for granted that you knew how much you meant to me. How could you not know, with what an iconic part of our society you and your roles and quotes have become!! Yet now that you are gone, I wish I would have sent you this letter. I wish I would have taken the time to say to you how wonderful I think you are.

    Your creativity and passion were a bright spot in my heart and without your laughter, the world is a bit darker. I hope you now know the truth of how much you have touched our lives and how dearly you will be missed. 
     Your fan, forever -Tina

  12. JCeraG says:

    Damn. He was actually a bit of a role model for me, dealing with my own history of drug abuse and wondering if I would every amount to anything or have a family of my own; I could think of him and say “yeah, It’s possible.”

  13. Oh Captain, my Captain. You are The Pan. We ain’t never had a friend like you. We will always love you, because you showed us nothing but love and kindness in return, not matter what darkness followed you around. Now, seize the day.

  14. Dane Cook says:

    Sweet. Now I’M the funniest person in the world!

  15. Brian Gray says:

    Tonight I was sucker punched with the news of Robin Williams death. I immediately said no, and was in denial, I cried BULLSHIT! I awaited the news of a hoax..

    I waited…..

    The news of a hoax never came & the internet blew up with the reality of his apparent suicide.

    When I think of comedians, I always think of Williams whose frenetic and off the wall, zip, zam, boom humor and wit was something nothing short of genius.. When I was a kid and saw him on Happy Days, which lead off to The Mork and Mindy show, I said to myself that dude is a star!

    There is a common denominator amongst great comedians, being shy, introverted, no self esteem but some how when they get on stage and the lights hit them they bring something, bigger, brighter from there inner core.

    Forever Remembered:

    I think of Belushi, Kinison, Lenny Bruce, Freddy Prinze to name a few these people were shooting stars! When you saw them on stage you knew! They lit up the night shooting across the sky, and for a moment you, you witnessed genius! You took a deep breath at their brightness, beauty & talent! Then in an instant, poof, they are gone, a shooting star.

    They are forever remembered!

    Robin Williams will be forever remembered, we are all blessed that his star shone brighter, longer for what ever reason

    We are all forever changed and better because of him..

    We will never know what it was like to be Robin Williams, he had his demons, I pray he has found peace at last.

    I know what it is like to live with depression I have lived most of my life with one foot on the stool, many of my friends and family can attest to this fact and that sometimes we are own worst enemy.

    We are seeking confirmation and acceptance and love. The things we don’t have in ourselves and desperately seek. Some find it on the stage and screen and for that moment, get the love and acceptance they or we so desperately crave until the lights go down.

    Eventually, they are in their room, alone, not the celebrity,and left with your own thoughts, and it gets to be to much and they seek solace in drink or drugs..

    Robin, fly over the clouds and let your dreams escape, where there is no pain and strife the peace that should be with life..

    Thank you for making the world a better place with laughter


    Brian Gray — feeling heartbroken.

  16. Matt says:

    In Good Will Hunting, with his hands on Matt Damon’s throat “…If you ever disrespect my wife again, I will end you.”  I remember whispering to myself in the theater “Wow”.  I wish I could have told him thank you and how much his performances meant to me.  

    • Matthew says:

      This exact moment in the movie resonates with me still today.  A performance I will never forget.

  17. Spaztiq says:

    It feels like Phil all over again, worse if that’s possible. Losing Robin hurts like no other. RIP

  18. Anthony says:

    In memorium, Carpe Diem fellow nerdists

  19. MrSinyster says:

    His darker roles were some of his best. Doesn’t get much creepier in a real life way than One Hour Photo or Insomnia

  20. Rich Spencer says:

    O Captain!  My Captain!

  21. R.I.P Robin Williams. You will be missed. I’m actually crying right now.