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Far Cry 4’s Clever Exposing of Video Game Thieves

Far Cry 4 is a franchise that’s seen its fair share of virtual pirates since it first launched back in 2004. But it wasn’t until recently–thanks to the cunning of the game’s developer Ubisoft Montreal–that some of Far Cry‘s PC players began exposing themselves as real life pirates. And I mean “real life pirates” as in: people who steal video games. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

A slew of complaints came raining in on Ubisoft over the last day, claiming that Far Cry 4 was missing a feature that allows players to adjust the game’s field of view– something that’s rather common in any PC first-person shooter. After receiving a bunch of these complaints, here’s how Ubisoft Montreal Creative Director Alex Hutchinson decided to address the masses over this issue:

Yikes! The field of view feature was added in as part of Far Cry 4‘s day one patch, which would have been intentionally skipped by anyone who owned a pirated version of the game. Sick burn, Ubisoft!

While there’s been no action taken against the supposed pirates, the humiliation of being roped in and then publicly exposed as a video game thief should serve as enough of a warning to video game pirates to, I don’t know, perhaps be decent fans of video games who support the industry by purchasing titles like the rest of us do. You already spent all of that money on a high-end PC, another $60 shouldn’t hurt too bad, right?

[HT: Joystiq]

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  1. Stoopid says:

    Just another instance of releasing an Unfinished game.. This game was released unplayable.. I had played the prolog about 10 times, only for it to freeze at the prolog. Not only that, but it not saving at all cause the game doesnt have permission to write to the disk.. I didnt get this error, but the Black Screen error.. Didnt Far CCry 3 come with the same error…

    • Stoopid says:

      And this wasn’t a ploy to weed out pirates.. It just ment that you didnt download the day one patch.

  2. fullforce098 says:

    By mentioning where the fob issue comes from “the patch” you’ve given said pirates all the info they need to fix it themselves, if they’re clever (they are).
    And I’ve never understood this idea that humiliation will curtail piracy. You can’t humiliate an annoymous person hidden behind a username.

  3. Guy says:

    oh and yes it would kill me to pay $60 because id have a ton of games I don’t like. but I payed $100 for battlefield 4 + premium because it was actually worth it. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!!!

  4. Guy says:

    THATS NOT TRUE my FOV slider works just fine after I firewalled FC4 with Kaspersky. #1337sauce on those LMAO cakes 🙂

  5. m james says:

    just check reddit to see that even those that bought the game outright didn’t always have the FOV slider..
    if they caught pirates, hooray,, but if they really did make another inconsistent product, boooo.. 

  6. Aidan says:

    I’ve only ever pirated a game that I already purchased for another platform.  I would be more than happy to pay an extra $10-$15 upgrade fee to cover development costs associated with alternate platforms, but since that isn’t an option, I’m not paying $60 twice.  It’s common with movie releases to get digital copy – get on that, video game industry!

  7. Shane says:

    Patience has many virtues.  One of them is that the games you buy are not only cheaper, but they have been updated and fixed.  There are plenty of games on my wish list that are over a year old, have been completely vetted by players and reviewers, and cost half (or less) than the NEW! games.  Of course, this works mainly thanks to those players who love new games, so I honestly do thank all of the players out there who play the newest and shiniest games so I can cherry pick them a year from now =)

  8. The_Advocate says:

    My version has the FOV option and I pir… nevermind

  9. juliangoes89 says:

    Try to get the original copy on an undeveloped third world country as mine, it costs 3 times more here, I didn’t pirated thought because I want to play online anyway.

  10. sfrench11189 says:

    Maybe if companies released working games less people would feel the need to pirate it.  A huge amount of PC players are unable to play a game they dropped $60+ on, and the developers are doing little, if anything, to solve these issues. I personally don’t blame pirates. Why spend all this money on something that is not guaranteed to work? 

    • Doc Arkham says:

      Funny how you’re willing to spend your precious time with a game that may or may not work, but cash is out of the question.

      • Nich Hustler says:

        Because time and money are not the same thing. Money puts food on the table, time has no such power. 

      • sfrench11189 says:

        Except I’m not willing to spend my time on a game that may or may not work. Which is why I haven’t purchased it. I have better things I could do with even that little amount of cash than waste it on a dysfunctional product. Now if it had been a working product, it would have been a day one purchase for me as I am a fan of the series. But unfortunately, Ubisoft doesn’t seem to like to release working products any more.

  11. Cort says:

    I paid 80 buck for the game and season pass and I can’t even play the game.  I have black screen.  I feel like I was pirated.