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Did Fans Uncover RICK AND MORTY’s Dark Hidden Secret?

In Rick and Morty‘s world of infinite universes, each with their own Rick Sanchez, there are bound to be an unthinkable number of dark, disturbing secrets waiting to be found. But what is our Rick Sanchez, Rick C-137, keeping from the rest of us? What part of his life does he not want us to know? It’s a mystery the show’s creators have said they will never tell anyone, but that doesn’t mean the Internet hasn’t already figured it out. The only problem? Which theory is the right one?

In this Nerdist News Edition, Jessica Chobot explains how a 2015 interview with Dan Harmon, where he said that he was “obsessed” with  a secret detail in Rick’s backstory (one he and the show’s other creators agreed to never reveal), has led Internet sleuths to seek out the unknown Reddit user that Harmon said figured it out. Those are some very useful clues to unlocking the mystery, but of the four main theories they point to, which one is the squanchiest?

Each of the four theories has its obvious strengths, which is why none of them can be ruled out.Though in a world of infinite universes where anything is possible we can’t rule out one other possibility–Dan Harmon set us all up to go looking for a secret that doesn’t actually exist.

That would be a total Rick move. But what do you think? Which one of these theories do you think is the real secret Rick is hiding? Wubbua lubba dub your own theories in the comments section below!

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