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Fancasting a STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE Movie for 2017

During its seven season run, Deep Space Nine departed from Star Trek more than any other show in the franchise. The only Trek show not set aboard a starship, Ds9 deals directly with money, war, which previous shows had intentionally avoided, and aliens that are not beholden to the peace-love-and-understanding ethos of the Federation, causing instant conflict. As a result of these departures the show was more nuanced and difficult than its immediate predecessors.

That is exactly why we’d like to see the show come back as a film. Given our reboot-heavy landscape, DS9 is perfect fodder to explore for fans of Star Trek and science fiction in general. Below we’ve imagined what the crew of DS9 might be up to 20 years after the end of the show and who should play the older cast. Let’s boldly dive in.

The Setting

The war is long over. Deep Space Nine is still in orbit around Bajor, a fractious world where various groups are vying for power more violently than 20 years ago. A violent, xenophobic contingency of Bajorans have been gaining political traction and threatens to overcome the still-shaky theocracy that we last saw instituted. The agreement between Bajor and the Federation has remained unique; Bajor is not a member of the Federation, but is often considered a political protectorate. They are still unstable. As such, Starfleet officers still operate much of Deep Space Nine.

Captain Sisko has returned… perhaps. A humanoid being of indeterminate identity has emerged from the wormhole that has remained dormant for almost six years. The being has appeared on the station as a ghost, seen wandering the corridors and appearing in denizens’ quarters. The appearance of the “ghost” coincides with the rise of the political fringe, and Bajorans see it as a either divine warning or a blessing. The apparition looks over peoples’ shoulders, stands close to them, but cannot be herded, harnessed, or otherwise detected. This Sisko-like ghost causes the people who encounter it to feel at peace. This is exactly the wrong state of mind to have when dealing with a dangerous potential civil war.

The Cast

Commander Yates

Now a Starfleet officer, Commander Kasidy Yates now controls Deep Space Nine after living there and serving as a Bajoran minister of commerce. She lives there with her and Sisko’s daughter Harriet, now serving as an engineer. Kasidy is played by Viola Davis. Harriet is played by Amandla Stenberg from Everything, Everything and The Hunger Games.

Former Major General Kira

Kira, 20 years after the events of Deep Space Nine, has settled down, having found a form of peaceful inner balance through her command position. She has left the military to become a vedek in a remote location on Bajor. In a cameo, she advises our crew about how to confront violent people when a plague of peace is afflicting the station. She is played by Julianne Moore.


Kira claims that Odo is living with her in isolation, but he is not seen. Changelings are now everywhere, but rather than being agents of chaos, or even active participants in the lives of the solids, they now simply exist in the background, often taking the role of our buildings, furniture, or pets. Becoming humanoid is sort of stigmatized now. Kira and Odo are still in love, but it’s more of a distant regard. Odo doesn’t ever appear on screen but René Auberjonois would voice him.

Dr. Lemmit Dax

Played by Rami Malek, Dr. Dax is the latest incarnation of the Dax symbiote, having recently taken a new host following the death of the previous Dr. Dax, hosted in the body of Dr. Bashir (Bashir has found a way to implant a Trill inside his own body, and lived as Dax for many years). Lemmit Dax is angry, led by his temper. Few like him – he’s no lovable grouch – but he is brilliant and provides needed skepticism.

Capt. Sisko

Now a ghost who will eventually take shape, Sisko is played by Harry Lennix. Lennix is much younger than Avery Brooks, but the wormhole kept him young.


Played by Bill Skarsgård, Quark is the one character who has changed the least. He still owns his bar, is still marginally successful, and is still clinging onto the old Ferengi way of life. His coffers have grown, and can afford a bigger business, but feels his profit-mongering ethos would not be welcome elsewhere. DS9 is more or less his paradise.


He is the Federation ambassador to Kronos. He will only appear via viewscreen. Michael Dorn will return.


Nog, played by Will Poulter, is now the chief engineer of Deep Space Nine; the O’Briens have moved back to Earth. Nog is perpetually exhausted, having turned into a sad sack like his father. The station works well enough, but overhauling a station that size takes it out of him. He will secretly contact O’Brien for aid on how to fix the station. O’Brien will be played by Michael McElhatton from Game of Thrones.

If a Deep Space Nine film came to fruition, who would you want to see play the principle cast? Let us know on Twitter.

Images: Paramount, ABC, NBCUniversal Television Distribution, 20th Century Fox, Netflix, Warner Bros.

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