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Fan-Made Iron/Thor Armor is Worthy of the Gods

There have been several characters in the history of Marvel comics to weird Thor’s hammer Mjolnir at one time or another. Long-time love interest Jane Foster currently holds the title of Thor, but before that the likes of Captain America, Magneto, Loki, The Hulk, and Magneto have all proved worthy of the mighty weapon.

One person not on that list, is Iron Man. Sadly it seems billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark still has yet to prove himself, but that hasn’t stopped some from wondering. It seems the craftsman over at Prince Armory have decided to take their curiosity to the next level and build a leather Iron-Man suit based in the Asgardian style of Thor:

Iron Thor helmet 1

As many know, in the world of Marvel comics, the power of Thor also comes with a variation on the Thor costume, which is an extension of the power in the hammer. While this does not seem to be true all the time, it is still a fun variation for artists to dream up and put to paper. The armor from Prince Armory seems to follow in this trend as there is an obvious blending of both Iron Man’s traditional look and a more fantastical style matching the comic book version of Thor. The armor is made of dyed leather and brass and badassittude.

Sadly, it may be some time before we know what a real mash up of Thor and Iron-Man would look like, but it’s not like Tony isn’t trying.

Pick Up The Hammer

Check out a gallery of armor pictures below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. If you like what you see, also be sure to check out the Prince Armory website for their medieval takes on Batman, Aquaman, The Joker, and Loki.

IMAGES: Courtesy of deviantArt // artist:Nonendless


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