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Fan-Casting THE ADDAMS FAMILY Animated Movie

MGM first announced their animated adaptation of The Addams Family back in October 2017 with Gail Berman, Conrad Vernon, and Alex Schwartz producing the film. Other than a release date of October 11, 2019, and news of Oscar Isaac potentially voicing Gomez Addams, we don’t know a whole lot about the animated movie. The studio wants to go back to the roots of the Addams Family by focusing on the family itself but that still leaves a lot of room to work with. 

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce diverse voices for the animated film and, since announcements have been scarce on who is voicing the characters, I have a few ideas about who should portray The Addams Family.

Gomez Addams

Yes, Oscar Isaac has been cast to voice Gomez and fans have long wanted him to play the part because he would be a perfect updated version of Raúl Juliá’s Gomez. However, were his schedule to become to busy, I would love to see Diego Luna take the reigns of Gomez Addams. Luna has the perfect charm and wit for the character, and it helps that he has experience acting in animated films like The Book of Life. 

Morticia Addams 

The creator of The Addams Family, Charles Addams, describes Morticia as the the real head of the household: witty, with a sharp personality. Tracee Ellis Ross would be a great voice for Morticia and could offer her own flair that would add to Morticia’s well-known temperament. She already establishes herself as a loving mother and independent woman as Dr. Rainbow Johnson in the hit series Black-ish.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams has become an iconic character for many of us because of her dark personality and sadistic tendencies. Mckenna Grace already blew us away with her acting in Gifted and in I, Tonya, so we think she could ultimately make the jump to voice acting. She’s becoming a popular actor–she’ll be voicing young Carol Danvers in the forthcoming Captain Marvel–and I think it would be interesting to cast her as such an iconic character.

Pugsley Addams 

The eldest child of The Addams Family, Pugsley is just as devious and smart as Wednesday Addams. Fresh Off the Boat’s Hudson Yang could be a great voice for Pugsley. If this animated film takes on Pugsley’s intelligent and inventive personality from the original series, as well as his closeness with Wednesday, I think Yang would do a great job since he has already played a precocious role.

Uncle Fester

Bill Hader probably already has a perfect Uncle Fester impersonation. We already know that Hader is extremely capable, so we’d love to see him take on this role. Yeah, he’s busy with Barry and It: Chapter 2 but I’m hopeful he can squeeze this into his schedule. 


Lurch is the butler for the Addams family who has a characteristically deep voice a Frankenstein-like appearance. When you think of actors who have low or deep voices, there’s only a handful to choose from. For this role, I think Sam Elliot’s voice would be ideal for Lurch. More than likely, Lurch will be a supporting character in the animated film and Elliot’s deep voice will be a great homage to Ted Cassidy’s portrayal in the original series.

The closer we get to The Addams Family being released in theaters, the more we will hear about actors being cast for these roles. I’m sure my wishlist is far from what the final product will be but I am still pumped for this film. What are some actors you hope to see voice the Addams family in MGM’s new animated movie?

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