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Fan Art Friday #74 – Modern Disney Princesses by Anoosha Syed

Disney princesses have been reinterpreted every which way you can imagine. In fact, I recently dedicated a whole edition of Fan Art Friday to Disney princesses mashed up with everything else. And yet, there are more to see! Illustrator and character designer Anoosha Syed has put a modern spin on Disney princesses from Merida to Ariel. She gave them clothes that wouldn’t be at all out of place in our time but are still totally in the spirit of the ensembles from the animated films. The princesses are sort of DisneyBounding as themselves.

On top of the super rad clothes, Syed gave each of the modern princesses a backstory. Ariel is pursuing a career in anthropology because she enjoys studying humans and different cultures. She likes traveling and adding souvenirs to her collection.

Merida has an archery scholarship for college and loves British punk rock; her favorite band is Mor’du.

It’s stupendous. I want an entire book featuring these princesses and their stories. And maybe lookbooks with an accompanying makeup line. Is it so much to ask?

Scroll to the gallery below to see Snow White, Belle, Jane, and Jasmine. You can visit Syed’s Facebook page or Instagram to see more of the modern Disney princesses and other lovely illustrations. If you want to buy prints featuring these characters, you can get them at Etsy.

Which of these modern Disney princess outfits do you most want to borrow? Let me know your top pick in the comments.

IMAGES: Anoosha Syed


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