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Fan Art Friday #65 – Disney Princesses as Everything

The Disney princess line-up has taken on a life of its own. Sure, the ladies appear on all sorts of merchandise and do meet and greets in Disney Parks, but they also positively rule in the arena of fan art. For this week’s Fan Art Friday, I’ve rounded up different examples of Disney princesses as other things. The past few years have seen an improbable number of mash-ups mixing the likes of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and everyone else with other characters or objects. Sometimes the combinations mean you get beautiful imaginings of princesses as Jedi Masters, and sometimes it means you get princesses turned into Nicholas Cage. In other words, it’s a mixed bag just like the rest of the Internet.

This X-Men spin is one of my favorites:

Disney princesses as X-Men by Diego Gomez

And these Pokémon designs are also precious:

Disney princesses as Pokémon by Lisa Rye

The Disney princess fan art trend has become so all-encompassing that artists have started to poke fun at it. This leads to things like princesses as lukewarm bowls of water (it’s the lukewarm specification that kills me) or even concrete mixers. For the record, if I ever had to buy a concrete mixer for some reason, I’d be more likely to do so if it looked like Sleeping Beauty.

Disney princesses as lukewarm bottles of water by Dannnnnnnnnnnny

Stop by the gallery below to see all sorts of improbable combinations. You’ll find Disney princesses as hot dogs—as in actual hot dogs, not just drawings of them—Fallout characters, Game of Thrones characters, Sailor Scouts, and more.

What’s your favorite Disney princess mash-up? Tell me in the comments; you can share links to other mash-ups, too. Has anyone seen Disney princesses as burritos? That needs to exist.


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