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Fall in Love With an Undead Aubrey Plaza in LIFE AFTER BETH Trailer

The Internet has well documented the collective crush with .gifs and memes a plenty that we all seem to have on one Aubrey Plaza. As our favorite apathetic assistant April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation or even an angry barista in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Plaza has made a deadpan persona somehow endlessly delightful. She’s focusing on the “dead” portion of that deadpan label with her latest movie Life After Beth, where she plays a zombie girlfriend. Actually, she’s pretty much Aubrey Plaza as we’ve come to know her with an occasional penchant for eating human flesh after having risen from the dead.




Dane DeHaan, who you’ve probably seen in the most recent Spider-Man film franchise, plays a forlorn boyfriend, torn up by the passing of his dear girlfriend Beth, played by Plaza. Inexplicably, she rises from the dead as a fully sentient zombie that both can talk and barely looks undead. If anything, a zombie has never looked more stylish in sunglasses and a sun dress as Beth/Aubrey does.

Of course, things get complicated when Beth isn’t really the same with the strength of the undead and developing hungering for brains. John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon play the undead Beth’s parents and are joined by a wonderful supporting cast that includes Paul Reiser, Alia Shawkat, Cheryl Hines, and Anna Kendrick.

Life After Beth is Jeff Baena’s first time out as a writer-director after he penned the trippy existentialism comedy I Heart Huckabees. There isn’t a premiere date yet, but you can now watch the trailer for this zombie romantic comedy that some might call a “zom rom com”.

What other kinds of monsters do you think Aubrey Plaza should play? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: A24 Films



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  1. Smiles says:

    Shaun of the Dead is still my favorite rom zom com, but I’ll probably see this.

  2. T_ says:

    Yes. Must see…

  3. hellno says:


  4. Nature N3rd says:

    “What other kinds of monsters do you think Aubrey Plaza should play?”

    Aubrey Plaza is already the best monster there is.